Project 365

I’ve started a side-blog-project 🙂 All details and information can be found here. Please bookmark that page, it’s signed up for google ad-sense so if you see an add on there that appeals to you — PLEASE CLICK IT 😀 I’d love you forever, because the more clicks = $$$$$ for me 🙂 haha. I’m starting that project yesterday (but really today) so make sure you bookmark it and check back, I think it’ll be a fun project! If you wanna join in and start one of your own let me know, I’ll add a link to yours as well!

Also I just found out I’ll be getting an extra 200.00 a month! That makes me very very happy!

Our door knob to our apartment almost died today, it took some massive CPR but I brought it back to life, so management is sending someone out to fix it. I swear, this sounds hella ghetto but we don’t live in a ghetto place…though to be quite honest..something like this happened at our old place ALL THE FREAKING TIME and they never fixed it. I’ll never forget the day Mitchell opened up our Laundry room and the door knob popped off right into his hand…they NEVER fixed it. Or the WEEK we waited for them to fix our sink when it leaked…or the 6 months it took them to fix up the apartments that flooded because they didn’t have the place built up to code….the list really does go on and on. It’s funny, because from what I hear, they still can’t keep tenants very long! You’d think they’d learn…guess not.

So Lynn (Maintenance) just came and fixed the door, good as, old. haha He says the lock is in good condition so he won’t replace it just yet, but if it has problems to call him and he’ll get a locksmith to make us a new door knob haha.

Mitchell and I are going swimming tonight with our friend Hilary, we’re really excited, its been so long since I last swam in a pool…I can’t even remember the last time I was in a pool…that makes me even MORE excited 😀

Again, go check out my new project! The link is above! (I’ll be including it over thur ———————————————->
sometime soon!)

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