Spell, dodge, too many passengers, dramatic turn, how does that hold him up?

Happy Novem–wait. How is it ALREADY November? You’re kidding me right? Does that mean I get to put up Christmas decorations now? I mean since it’ll be the blink of an eye when everyone else will be putting theirs up… I’m honestly very tempted to put ours up now, though I’m in serious need of all of my decorations and most of them are still at my mom’s house 😦 sad day for sure.

I’m currently suffering from flu-like symptoms, but not actually THE flu. Not sure how to stop it, I’ve been taking a few meds but other than that, nothings changed. No fever, and no one else seems to be getting it from me…Maybe I have winter allergies? who knows, I certainly won’t know, I don’t have insurance and this beautiful country I live in seems to think that means I can’t see a doctor. Before those of you who are trying to help tell me that the state offers insurance, let me inform you, I have looked into it, and the insurance they say I “qualify” for is 45.00 a month, and ONLY covers one dr. visit a year, as well as having a 25.00 co-pay and doesn’t cover meds. So sure it’d help me know I was sick, but wouldn’t ever help me get better, because by forking over 45.00 a month, and then a 25.00 co-pay I’d be too poor to be able to afford the prescription. Soooo here I sit.

I’ve switched things around here, as I’m sure you see, It’s not finished, but it’ll do for now. What do you think so far?

I have this constant need to remind those around me that I am 23 and contrary to their beliefs I’ve been taking car of myself for years now, I’m fully capable of cleaning up after myself and taking care of myself regardless of what other young adults my age can or cannot handle.

I make a huge point to not get mixed up in anything I wouldn’t do. I didn’t start drinking anything with alcohol in it until I was 22, and even then I hardly drank anything. I don’t like the people I hang out with to smoke, ANYTHING, and the few friends I have known that have, know to not do it around me. I work with children and I want to make sure my life isn’t something I’d have to hide from anyone else. I don’t see the appeal to people to get into stuff that could or will get them into trouble.

What is the whole appeal to the “bad guy” rough exterior? Why is it that so many people I know and love are lowering their standards to “fit in” or have the “college experience.” Another thing that bothers me is parents who “parent” unfairly. Gender should not change the way you act when your child acts out. Regardless of their gender if your 14 year old is not only posting facebook statuses about getting drunk and partying, and has come home drunk on more than one occasion, you should punish them. Instead letting them get away with it seems flat out stupid. I get that girls can go out and do things and end up pregnant, but she doesn’t get there alone. Not all girls are slutty, and I think some parents don’t know how to balance on that fine line between not parenting enough and being too strict. I felt like my mom did a wonderful job. I know parenting is hard and its no walk in the park but if you’re a parent then its your job to make sure your child (regardless of their age) is safe, and feels comfortable at home. I never had to sneak out because I never did anything that needed to be “hid” from my mom. I hold the people I spend my time with to these same high standards and I expect anyone entering my home would respect that. Alas, however some do not.

Did you know that opening someone else’s mail without their consent is punishable by law? I’m sure most of you knew that, but it seems not everyone does. Did you know that its a federal offence punishable by up to 10 years in prison OR $250,00, because it is. Not only that, you can’t even fight it. If someone finds you’ve gone through their mail, regardless if YOU feel it is necessary or not. don’t worry about EverSoLightly & me though, we would file a report with the police if it happened once. And if It happened a second  time we’d file an official report, I don’t care what the situation is, no one has a “right” to do that. NO ONE. I did even more research an 100% of the time, even if it is a bill for something in the place in which you live, work or frequent, if your name isn’t on it & you open it without permission, you still get more than just a “stern” talking to.

I know this was my Facebook status, but just because you think you own the world and are better than everyone else doesn’t mean you actually are. Also, just because you are (or went to) in college,  does NOT by any means mean you are smarter, nor does it mean you’re better than the rest of the world. Don’t walk around looking down on people, just because you think you know everything. That’s a good way to kill off your friendships and even professional and business relationships. Going to college does not mean you know what the “real” world is like. <<< True Facts right there.

Kids are acting WAY older than they should, in a BAD way. Getting high/drunk & having sex at 13 is a poor decision and parents don’t seem to care like they use to.

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