First time he touched a girl, pan up pointy roof, leaf bed, look right, this movie is extremely important

(wow, I can’t believe I forgot to post this from Monday!)

I am so excited for winter here in Seattle. It’s not even Thanksgiving yet and we have SNOW! It has been snowing off and on since yesterday and we woke up this morning to WHITE! They’re expecting a snow/thunderstorm tonight, as well as 3 more inches of snow! Mitchell and I went out and played in it a bit, and (duh) had a lot of fun!

I installed FaceTime for my Macbook and last night (and today as well) we chatted it up with our dear friend Thomas. I must admit, it is a LOT OF FUN! If you have FaceTime, let me know, we’ll video chat one day! (It is 100000000000000000000000000000xs better than iChat btw.)

Mitchell and I are going to go put up our SECOND Christmas tree (our first one is already up as well as most of our decorations! I am so very happy for this holiday season!



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