Beat that you little trout sniffer

Christmas is over, and I honestly couldn’t be happier. The one day of the year I had been really looking forward to was a train wreck. I had hoped it would look something like this:

but instead it looked like this:

Christmas eve started off decent, we had Christmas morning with our roommate, and went out to do some last-minute shopping as well as went out for a delicious meal at the a local pub.  It didn’t go down the drain until after we had arrived to EverSoLightly’s aunt’s house. For the second year in a row I had to sit and ignore snide rude comments from his older sister, and once we got in the car his little sister had a dramatic break down which was (according to her) my fault. She claims I “took” her brother “away from” her when in reality she’s a selfish brat who never ever wants to spend time with him.

For the second year in a row EverSoLightly and I hardly slept and had to force ourselves out of bed to be the “mature” ones in the situation, go to his house and pretend nothing happened and that we weren’t both hurt, embarrassed by the actions of others, and angry. Christmas Morning wasn’t so bad, and his dad and little sister hid out for most of the day before dinner so we just hung out and played Nintendo monopoly and a few other games with his mom, it was nice. She really does have a big heart, it’s just too bad her whole family hadn’t gained that same wonderful quality. we had dinner, and I, per usual, said something that upset his dad, whom then got mad and hid out again for the rest of the night, I honestly think he’ll have a chip on his shoulder for the remainder of my life even though I didn’t do anything to deserve that terrible treatment. Then, last night EverSoLightly was up all night throwing up – poor guy must be allergic to crabs. He was really really sick all night. He’s at his sister’s house taking care of her dogs, and I’m house sitting as well about 30 minutes away from him. I hope he’s feeling better today 😦

That was seriously everything we did this weekend. It sucked and we’ve both decide that next year, we’ll be handling things a lot differently and won’t be surrounding ourselves with negative attitude on the holidays.

these past two days are EXACTLY the reason I refused to go to his parent’s house for Thanksgiving, and I’m not sure I’ll be comfortable spending holidays with them again in 2011. 3 Christmases down the drain because of others actions, I will not allow that to happen next year. I guess all i can do is sit and hope they change in the next 12 months….

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