I have decided…

That even if this means I can’t do anything else exciting this year, I want to go to the beach with my brother and his wonderful mateys, our Mom, and EverSoLightly (wordpress won’t let me link to his blog right now). After watching , and looking at photos from the time we went for my 21st birthday makes me want to re-live the amazing time we had.

I truly am blessed to have them in my life, I love my family so much and am so proud of how far we all have come over the past years. Watching the end of that video “I love you, C…” “You too!” “I love you, C” “You too” I love you, Collin” “You too.” Reminded me of our most recent visit to see them, we walked in the door and the first person to greet us was Q… then right as G was about to hug me C pushed his way in and tackled me. So the first thing I said “You love me” his response? “nope!” Later that day I went into the younger boys’ room and saw this

on C’s desk. He walked in right as I was looking at the photo smiled at me and I said “SEE! YOU DO LOVE ME! You have a photo of us on your desk!” his response? “No, I just don’t get to see you that often…” HA kid! I knew it! It’s okay – your secret is safe with me 🙂

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