What I don’t like Monday

Today’s what I don’t like Monday is inspired by a couple of people I have ALWAYS adored. Okay not always, but as long as I’ve known of their existence…Please don’t be creeped out either haha.

As anyone who knows me at all knows, last thursday, per MY tradition, I drug EverSoLightly and Thomas to spend 12 hours waiting in line for the final half of the last movie of my favorite series EVER. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2. Ever since I’ve (rather pathetically I know) been a bit depressed, It’s OVER! I’ve spent majority of my time (aka every minute I’ve been home) online looking up anything and everything Harry Potter related to help me get through my depression.

I have re-visited my major dislike for people that enter puberty looking goofy, and come out looking AMAZING. Case-in-point. Matthew Lewis. Now I noticed ages ago that he

had started to look good, I think sometime around the 4th film I had seen a photo of him without his “Neville” look and felt that instant hatred for anyone and everyone who magically come out of puberty looking good! Seriously though, I know I had heard he wasn’t allow to have braces until AFTER he finished filming but seriously how is it that that rather frumpy (yet adorable because he was frumpy-ish) little boy turn into the guy in the suit? WHAT HAPPENED? and How can the rest of us end up that good looking? I mean I went through puberty and came out with frizzy hair, and pimples, and constantly rosy cheeks. I didn’t grow taller, and what do I get for going through puberty? Nothing worth sharing thats for sure.  How is it that some people hit puberty and then boom the next day the’re adults and they look like a whole new person? It certainly is NOOOOOT fair! Don’t believe me? below are some photos of Matthew Lewis through his years as our favorite Gryffindor hero, Neville Longbottom. (Click to make them larger)

Alright, Lauren has been somewhat bugging me (lol) for this post, so I’m going to end my rant here, I spent most of the time looking for photos of the guy! Anyway, go follow him on twitter, he seems like the most down to earth kid ever, I saw an interview where he said “Girls are still scary!” hahahahahaha Oh Neville!

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