What I don’t Like Mondays, round 3!

Today’s WIDLM is sorta covering 2 topics, but also sticking to one theme.

I cannot STAND people who think they’re so privileged and they should always get whatever it is they want. The people who are sitting on their couch one day, surfing the internet, see a brand new computer and think “I need that.” Then they go to random person A (who isn’t really random but usually a family member, dad, mom, sugar daddy, you get the idea…) Once they approach person A they come up with some sob story, or just flat out say “I need this. buy it for me.” and they GET IT.

These people walk around like everyone else owes them something, they don’t usually pay for anything and know that as long as A is around they don’t have to really truly work to get anything.  These are also the people that always complain about not having enough money, or not ever getting anything they want. Depending on their age they’re also the ones that never have to buy a car, or pay to have it fixed, they are always complaining about how things don’t work.

The OTHER thing I don’t like is people who when you ask them a simple question give you their lifes story (usually hours later if you text/email them) and never answer your question. For example:

Person A: (text sent at 11 am)Hey I wanna meet up at 6?
Person B:  (three hours later)Hey sorry I’ve been so busy today I went to lunch with jim bob and then we went to the store, and then I took a dump and then I played outside and then we went swimming it’s just been so busy.
Person A: So does that mean you don’t wanna meet up at 6?
Person B: It’s been such a busy day, between swimming and taking a dump and eating lunch then going to the store It’s been the busiest day of my life.

Another example is:

Person A: Jim bob and I are going out to the bar tonight, we can pick you up at 8 if you need a ride!
Person B:  Nah, I can meet you there! See you at 8:30!
(9:45) Person A: Hey we’re waiting for you where are you at?
(12:45) Person B: Oh my gosh I had the best day ever, I worked and went to the dog park and took a nap.
So if you think you may be one of the types of people above, either realize you are NOT Paris Hilton, and start treating people like normal, get off your rump and do something with your life! OR realize that unless someone is asking for your life story, it’s best to just answer whatever it is they’re asking you!!

5 thoughts on “What I don’t Like Mondays, round 3!

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