4 thoughts on ““Do not pity the dead, Harry. Pity the living, and, above all those who live without love.”

    • First of all, I’m not stupid, I know there are two emails.

      Secondly it does actually say WELCOME, so cool your jets.

      Thirdly, it’s my blog i can call it whatever the hell I want. You don’t need to go around correcting the entire world. Since you’re such a know it all, don’t you know that I was the first person to point that shit out? Oh you don’t. Go here. Note the “Thanks to therealkk”

      Finally, I will NOT be looking for you on the site. Why? Because you’re a little “I know everything, so I have to go around acting like a bitch” that pretends she’d NEVER call it a welcome email, but I looked at your blog and what did I find? Oh this. You say “Got into Pottermore” but since you KNOW every damn thing about “getting in” you should know, you didn’t actually get in, you just validated your email. You aren’t “IN” until you get that second email. So next time you go around trying to be a know it all and correct people on their PERSONAL blogs, get all your facts straight and don’t go around acting like you’re high and mighty, because you’re just some random girl that outside your friends and family the rest of the world doesn’t even know you exist. Next time you’re trying to “make friends” try to not act like a 15 year old know it all.


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