WIDLM: A week late. Sorry Kids. + Today’s WIDLM. TWO in one!

I’m a week behind and It’s monday again, so I’ll post both of my WIDLM.

1) For the week of August 1st (MY BIRTHDAY WEEK!)
I do not like FLAKES. I seem to always have a bunch of “friends” who always flake out on me. So many people said they would come and while a couple actually notified me the day of or the day before that they wouldn’t be coming. One of my “friends” saw me a week and a half before the party, and spent a lot of time talking about how excited they were, and then three days later I found out they had no intentions on coming, and weren’t going to tell me. WHY. Why can’t people just own up and be like “eh I don’t wanna come.” I even had someone bail on me the DAY of, and all they had to do was see me for 5 seconds, we had planned to meet up, when I texted them saying that I could drive all the way out to their house I got a text back saying it was inconvenient. So I asked if they wanted to meet up earlier and chat and they said “no thanks” whatever. I guess at least that last person said “no thanks.” It just really stresses me out and bothers me when people can’t have the common decency to tell me they aren’t coming!!

2) The “if you don’t go to college you won’t go anywhere in life” type of people. Yes I will agree with you that education is important. HOWEVER I DO NOT LIKE people who go around telling everyone they HAVE to go to college and that you can’t ever get a great job without a college degree. I will tell you RIGHT NOW that that is not true at all. Take my boyfriend’s dad for example. He doesn’t have a college degree, yet he is the best at his job. He’s won awards, and has a job that a bazillion people would do anything for. He’s of course gone along the way and gotten certain certifications, but he didn’t get a college degree and he’s pretty damn successful. Curious what he does? Tough. Can’t risk sharing information that isn’t mine to share.

I use to know someone who ALWAYS walked around and told people they HAD to get a college degree, many days this person tried to make me feel awful for not being in school constantly. Well I have news for you. I’m 24, I have college classes under my belt, but I don’t have a degree. I’ve worked for two wonderful companies without a degree and would still be at them had they been what I wanted to do. I am a full time nanny and I wouldn’t change or trade my job for anything. I could make a career out of this job and BONUS I’m getting experience under the belt for REAL life, ya know, when or if I ever have kids of my own…and of all the college classes I’ve taken over the past couple years not one of them could have ever prepared me for any of the jobs I’ve had. Because in reality what it boils down to is experience. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying you shouldn’t get a degree, I’m just saying if you work hard enough and dedicate yourself you can do anything and I hateeeee it when people try to tell anyone otherwise.

10 thoughts on “WIDLM: A week late. Sorry Kids. + Today’s WIDLM. TWO in one!

  1. You’re completely right about how what it boils down to is experience, not necessarily a degree. Look at me, I barely have any experience in real life and here I am still without a job. So I have to agree with you.


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