WIDLM: Leaving my kitten.

This past weekend we were out of town for a family reunion and to hang out with my nephews. We left Friday night, and returned this evening. I had been house sitting ALL last week, so I haven’t seen her since last Monday. She’s my little baby, and I never intended to go a whole 7 days without seeing her…But here we are.

She heard my car coming down the road and was sitting in my window when I pulled in. I opened my door, and there she was, purring, and loving on me. It’s so wonderful to be re-united with my little baby pluto.

I feel like a horrible kitten mommy for leaving her for a week. For not being there for her, and for not being there for her to snuggle with at night. So for this week’s WIDLM, obviously, not being around my kitten.

11 thoughts on “WIDLM: Leaving my kitten.

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