Okay so before you get in a huff, or whatever you’re feeling right now, hear me out. I do not like Facebook‘s new LACK of privacy and their FAILED attempt at being like Google+.

Yesterday when I logged into FB it notified me of some new changes, that you can (shocker!) now pick who can see your posts and (another shocker) tag people in them. The downside? If I tag anyone in it, ALL their friends can see it and theres no changing that.  It just seriously makes me want to delete my fb all together, and if it werent for long lost photos and videos that I don’t have on my Macbook anymore (got a new one last Dec, and deleted a lot of stuff off the old one before backing it up.) I’ve made a few screenshots, the first one is of Facebook showing my Location (though even when I’m in Sammamish it thinks im in Redmond, and I could go to NY and it’d still think that…because i checked in there ONCE.

Second screenshot is google plus’s stuff.

third is showing how Friends of Friends can see what i post, comment on it and everything if they know someone tagged in it, STUPID. I like having my privacy. ty.

So Dear Facebook, today I DO NOT LIKE YOU and I will not be returning unless you change your new feature, and STOP trying to be Google+, come up with your own ideas.


10 thoughts on “WIDLM – FACEBOOK.

  1. Yeah, I was taken aback when I saw that on facebook. One of my friends on there was like you, after the update she decided she was moving completely over to google+ and encouraged others to do the same. Lol. Oh facebook, you kinda screwed yourself.

    For the photos, there is a program that will download all the photos of you on facebook (and I believe has an option to download all the photos on your account) so if you’d like to do that you could potentially completely shut down your facebook account. I don’t know the program but Gene says if you search on Lifehacker.com you should be able to find it.


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