Alright kids (or whoever you are!) This weeks’ WIDLM is, well, MONDAYs. And before we get started I have something to say:

Lauren, I am sorry I missed yesterday, but at least I’m posting!! 😀

I do not like mondays. I do not like the realization that the wonderful weekend is over. This past weekend, EverSoLightly and I went down to Oregon to visit my family. We spent Saturday wine-tasting with my brother and sister-in-law, and then came back and spent the evening with them, playing a slow but fun game of scrabble, and then on Sunday we took my three nephews to the mall to spend time together and see my Madre’. We then made the trek back to Seattle, and thats when the “Boo mondays!” attitude started to kick in. I do not like that feeling when you go to bed Sunday evening and realize the work week starts back up in a few short hours. Especially when my ADORABLE kitten decides to wake me up at 3am to remind me how much she missed me over the weekend.


8 thoughts on “WIDLM: MONDAYs

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