Post WIDLM Vent.

I’ve taken to not posting except for WIDLM and now Wordless Wednesdays but today I could not hold off. I’m truly frustrated over a specific topic. For anyone who has cable, or has watched TLC or even watched the show 17 err 18, uh I mean 19 Kids and Counting has most likely heard the news. The Duggars are expecting their 20th child.

This family made headlines when they filmed a special feature back in 2004, at the time the special was called “14 Children and Pregnant Again!” I actually remember watching the special with my mom, and thinking “dang! thats a lot of children!!” In this 1 hour special (aired on the Discovery health channel I think?) showed the family welcoming their 15th child, Jackson. They filmed and aired their second special “Raising 16 Children” back in 2006, I’ve never actually seen this special but according to Wiki they are in the process of building their own home, and when I say they, I mean the family actually helped build their house. In 2006 they also aired/filmed the special, “16 Children and Moving In” in which they (duh) move into their house. For the first time in her TV career Michelle Duggar (the mom) was not pregnant. I think anyone who had heard of their family probably let out a sigh of relief to see that just maybe she was done having children. Towards the middle of 2006 they aired yet another hour long special about the family. This time calling it “On the Road with 16 Children” As I’ve only ever seen one of their specials I’m not sure what this one was really about, but wiki says Michelle was NOT pregnant in this one either! But in September of 2007 they welcomed their 17th child which was also aired in a TV Special “Duggars’ Big Family Album“. They started their TV series, 17 Kids and Counting on TLC in 2008.

All throughout their show, their specials and their time being unger the spotlight Jim-Bob and Michelle Duggar have said over and over again that they intend to have as many children as “god will allow.”

So to re-cap the above:

James Robert (Jim-Bob) Duggar (46 years old) and his wife Michelle Annette Duggar (Age 45) have 19 children…

Joshua (Josh) James (age 23)*
Jana Marie (age 21)
Twins John-David  and Jill Michelle (age 20)
Jessa Lauren (age 19)
Jinger Nicole (age 17)
Joseph Garrett (age 16)
Josiah Matthew (Age 15)
Joy-Anna (age 14)
Jedidiah Robert (age 12)
Twins Jeremiah Robert and Jason Michael (age 11)
James Andrew (age 10)
Justin Samuel (age 8)
Jackson Levi (age 7)
Johannah Faith (age 6)
Jennifer Danielle (age 4, also, Apparently I share a bday with her haha)
Jordyn-Grace Makiya (Almost 3 years old)
Josie Brooklyn (almost 2 years old)
Baby J (Due April 2012)

*Josh is Married to Anna and they have two children, Mackynzie Renee (2 years old) and Michael James (5 months)

Not only are the parents going to be in their 60’s when new baby J turns 20 but I can bet you that their older children (all but 1 still live at home) are the ones taking care of the younger children.

Michelle’s most recent and currently youngest child Josie almost died at birth. You’d think the family would have taken that as a sign that they shouldn’t have children anymore. But alas, here they are pregnant again. I can’t help but feel like this family is being selfish. Obviously they are not taking the time to think of the health of this new baby, as well as the health of the current children they have. Now before anyone else interjects anything about finances, I can assure you the Duggars are completely self sufficient and do NOT rely on the government or others to help pay bills or feed their children.  I just fear for the life of not just this new child, but all their other children. Can you imagine growing up with 19 brothers and sisters, and a niece and nephew that are both older than you are? I sure cannot. I know that this is the only way of life for these kids, but I still feel like this was a selfish and irresponsible decision on the parents behalf. Anyone who knows me I am not someone who questions my faith or what god has in store for me but to foolishly sit by and have as much unprotected sex with your husband as you want and to just continuously pop out baby after baby after baby after baby and so on and so on (20 times at least!) at some point you need to step up and realize that not only is this bad for your body (you could leave your 20 children, husband, daughter in law and grandchildren without a mom/wife/grandma due to complications with the birth or pregnancy….) its hard on your family too!

I surely would have thought that after all the issues they had with Josie that they had decided to stop the baby train. I cannot express just how saddened I am in their decision to have another child.

Anyone who knows me knows I love children, heck I have a 4 year old asleep on the couch next to me, I spend every day with at least 3 children, and on some days more! If you read this blog post one of the commenters makes a very good point. Too much of a good thing really isn’t good!

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