Quick late night post :)

So a few months ago, a girl I went to High School with started posting about signing up for organic produce delivery. I looked into it but at the time didn’t have the funds to budget it into our monthly/weekly grocery allotment. A few weeks ago (a month maybe?) we finally had enough funds coming in that we were able to swap out or grocery spending to get delivery from Full Circle Farms. It’s been amazing, they offer EVERYTHING you need and we’re spending LESS than we were when we were making trips to the store. On top of saving money we’ve also started eating healthier! So the other day, when they sent out their Thanksgiving cookbook, and a sneak peak on items they were going to offer at a discounted price for the holiday, EverSoLightly and myself decided this thanksgiving we’re going to cook our very first turkey, with all the trimmings. Stuffing, Mashed potatoes, Cranberry Sauce, Gravy, Pie, Green Beans, you name it, we’re going to make it! I’m beyond excited for this opportunity, and I’m sure Kitten/Archie will be happy to have us home, instead of spending the weekend away!

To anyone in the Seattle area (or even parts of Alaska!) You should go sign up for Full Circle, it’s totally worth it! (oh and if you waaaant you’re welcome to toss my name in there saying I referred you! :p

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