Thankful Thursday

It’s only suiting (it being Thanksgiving and all) that I felt I should post a Thankful Thursday Post. A little different from my typical “What I don’t Like” posts 😀

24 things I’m thankful for.

  1. This family
  2. My kind, sweet, loving, amazing Family (Mom, J and B not pictured)
  3. My wonderful, loving boyfriend
  4. My mom and everything she has sacrificed, and done to make sure we always had everything we ever needed. Without her, I would be nothing!
  5. These two furry friends
  6. Friends
  7. One of my oldest and dearest friends – Thomas. He’s truly a true friend. I know I (we) are very lucky to have him in my (our) lives!!
  8. I am thankful for the roof over my head
  9. Food
  10. My wonderful Subaru
  11. Christmas
  12. Love
  13. Internet
  14. Full Circle Farms
  15. Pizza Plants
  16. warmth
  17. Snow
  18. Phones
  19. My Education
  20. My Ancestors
  21. The world
  22. Rain Boots
  23. My ability to cook decent food
  24. Everyone I’ve ever met, even if we only ever spoke once, had a falling out, or are the best of friends, I’m still thankful for that opportunity to meet them.

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