WIDLM: Late again.

UPS. I don’t like that UPS tried to deliver my christmas present for my Reddit person, at 10:30 am yesterday…and then again at 10:30 am today and said they’ll try again at 10:30 tomorrow morning for their third and final attempt.

When I called them (Amazon’s wonderful service sent me an email saying they tried to deliver it but had failed and would try one more time) the kid I got was so rude, and kept sighing and saying “are you done?” like seriously dude, I’m just calling to see if I can pick the package up at a UPS store. Then when I kindly ask “can you please tell me where I’m supposed to pick it up” you shouldn’t sigh and say “Uh well…I guess”

The conversation progressed with him being more and more lazy and rude. Even if he didn’t have information he should just say so from the start. So when he said “Can I help you with anything else” and I said “yes, a supervisor please.” for you to mumble “you would” is not helping the situation. I truly hope that my complaint I filed will help him see what he’s doing wrong, and help him fix it. But I doubt it.

On a side note, I’m SUPER excited that Lauren shared Reddit Secret Santa with me.

4 thoughts on “WIDLM: Late again.

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