What shows like CSI, NCIS, Criminal Minds, Law and Order, Psych, America’s Most Wanted and others have taught me…

I’m 24. I’m not perfect, I’m not ready to be a parent, but if anything ever happened and I wound up being a full time parent of any number of kids tomorrow, I can honestly tell you I’d be able to do it. Sure i’d be stressed, I’d need aid, and my life would be turned upside down, but I would do everything in my will to make sure no real harm came to the kids.

I’m a full time nanny for 3, and babysit for other families with 4, 3, 2 and even 7 kids. I do have a little bit of advantage. Even without my 13 years of experience (holy crap my cousin Gavin is 13!!!) I can honestly tell you I would do everything I could to provide for and protect any child in my care.

We have rough days, K-man is going through some things right now and lies constantly, so much so that I don’t trust anything he says anymore. D-monster refuses to share any of his toys, and is constantly taking things away from Baby S. Some days Baby S refuses to nap, others she smears and throws her food on the floor. NOTHING these kids can do will EVER make me stop loving them. No matter what is going on, no matter what has happened, I look into their eyes and am erupting with love, we always end anything in a hug. So what if Baby S wants to carry my keys all over the house, so what if we’ve been late to school because we can’t find my keys. K-man lies, at the end of the day no matter what has gone on, they’re still family and they are all still there for each other.

So when I read articles about parents shooting their children over welfare, and Babies going missing from their mom’s abandoned car it makes me sick to my stomach. Kids are just that. KIDS. They’re children. They LEARN from us, WE teach them. So if your kid is lying to you, sneaking behind your back, or even just losing your keys in the morning. It’s up to you to show them an open heart, teach them to be honest, loyal, faithful, responsible. Don’t hold them to gunpoint to try and make a point to the United States government.  (Only to kill your self and your children in the end.)

What is going on here? Why isn’t Sky’s mom in JAIL? If my car ran out of gas in the middle of the night and I had D-monster (4) and Baby S (1) in my car, I would bundle them BOTH up, regardless of their sleep status, or if they had a cold, and they would COME with me to the gas satiation (okay well in reality I’d call AAA). NEVER in my wildest dreams would I leave a child UN-attended in a car while I walked a mile to a gas station. No mother would. No Loving mother that is.

In the article I linked, states that she ADMITTED to leaving him. She was PROVED a liar, by the Bellevue police when they found out her car had NOT ran out of gas like she said. Why is she free? Why is she still free to roam around and not locked up for clearly committing a crime.

Now back to the title of this post. Shows like that have taught me that the longer a child is missing, the more likely they are no longer alive. So I repeat my former question. Why hasn’t the Bellevue, Redmond, or even King County police/sherrif’s stations done anything? Why isn’t she in custody, being questioned, she knows something and is hiding it. Why are we allowing her to hide out in an un-known hotel? Why isn’t this big news anymore?

Everywhere I go, even here in Sammamish, all you see are posters of this poor boy. His face is everywhere and no one has found him. No one has reported seeing him. My gut says this poor little boy was killed. My gut tells me his mom has everything to do with it. Something horrible happened. No city is exempt from crime, but I do know that people here are nicer than in other areas, and I have faith that if someone had seen this boy they’d have gone to the police and reported it.

Have you been following the news? Do stories like this make you sick? Why is it that it seems everyone has stopped caring about baby Sky? Why isn’t anyone doing anything about situations like these??? If you’re reading this and know something about Baby Sky, or any of the hundreds of children missing all over the world, PLEASE GO TO THE POLICE. these children do not deserve any of this!

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