Monday Memories

So it seems, Gene, Lauren and EverSoLightly have all long quit their WIDLM (sheesh wheres the dedication?) I’ve decided this week I’m going to do a “What I remember Monday” Just random memories that have recently popped into my head, no order, no rhyme or reason…just things I’ve experienced in my 24 short years of life. 🙂

  • I remember my 5th Birthday party. We had Oscar Meyer Cheddar dogs, and I got stuffed 101 Dalmatians
  • I remember eating Apple Jacks with my brother, dry, because he ran out of milk.
  • I remember an old friend, Kurt, eating moldy yogurt and him asking me if my yogurt had webs in it.
  • I remember my child hood best friend Jeff’s mom teaching me how to ride a bike without training wheels.
  • I remember holding in my tears when my dad casually told me he had to put his dog, Pooh, down….6 months before telling me he did so.
  • I remember losing almost all my friends in high school because one girl decided she didn’t like me anymore.
  • I remember watching the Goonies with my brother, in his very small…old apartment in Monmouth, Oregon.
  • I remember sitting in Taco Bell waiting for my sister to take me home, eating Pintos & cheese, and their mexi fries (those were the best tater tots ever, too bad they changed them!)
  • I remember watching Rugrats every week, faithfully, and my mom hated it.
  • I remember having “Hide-a-bed Fridays” with my mom eating pringles and watching our favorite TGIF shows!
  • I remember watching Jumanji in theaters and NOT having a nightmare over it.
  • I remember not being able to participate in my 8th birthday party at SuperPlay because I had stitches in my lip and they didn’t want to “risk” it. They allowed me to do the chicken dance. Somewhere. here. I have a photo of it. Here’s another.
  • I remember getting my SNES for my birthday that same year. The Lion King game was (and still is) the death of me!
  • I remember driving around in my mom’s honda blasting backstreet boys with all the windows rolled down with my friends Alisha, Tiffany and Sadie.
  • I remember right before my 13th birthday my dad stopped by our house to give me my bday present (a basketball hoop) and telling me I looked like a pregnant woman. here is a photo from when I was 13.
  • I remember watching the first episode of Smallville with my friend Sarah, and being terrified.
  • I remember the day my niece was born in California, and she was the first new born baby I’d ever seen. I thought she was wrinkly and ugly. I look back now and laugh at my pre-teen self. She was stinkin adorable.
  • I remember faking poor eye sight so I wouldn’t have to sit in the back of the class in 3rd grade…by 6th grade I had to wear glasses full time 😦
  • I can remember conversations I’ve had with my mom over the past 24 1/2 years. I remember her talk about Santa, I remember her teaching me about how the spot of “water” that I see in front of us on hot days, isn’t really water. I was 6 when she told me that. We were driving home from my Aunt Lori’s house.
  • I remember going over to Aunt Lori’s just so she could braid my hair and I could play with her kitty.
  • I remember my brother getting Lucky Charms for Christmas.
  • I remember one of the years that the Salvation Army provided my mom’s and my Christmas presents. To this day, that was one of the most memorable holidays ever.

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