This is what life is like when your car is buried in a little over 2 feet of snow…

EDIT this was typed up and supposed to be posted last Thursday.

1) I haven’t worked since last Friday
2) LWSD had one half day of school this week
3) One can only live off of soup and sandwiches for so long
4) A week with a late full circle delivery (due to weather) is a sad week. LACKING in fruit.
5) I’m glad my mom left me with kiwi, too bad we ate most of it
6) I miss work
7) I love the snow, and the peace and quiet it brings
8) Waking up at 6am every day waiting to see if you need to drive into work and then finding out you could have slept in = no fun
9) I’m glad I’ve had the week off so my nasty cut on my face can heal a little more (though it still hurts!)
10) I’m starting to get irritated at the people who laugh at us Seattle folk not being able to drive in the snow, when in fact, we have 2 feet (some places even more) of snow & ice. A foot and a half of snow, 3 inches of ice, followed by another half a foot of snow and then ICE on top of that!.
11) Getting texts and phone calls from loved ones saying they’ve been out of power for over 24 hours is heartbreaking, especially those with kiddos.
12) the reports of this being the worst snow storm (linked below) seattle has seen since 1995 is bogus. Winter of 2008 we had so much snow and ice, we were snowed in from just after thanksgiving (December 8th) until Christmas Day. THAT was awful. Power outages forever. Lack of gas, food, and other goods. I was just lucky I lived in a house with a generator and gas fireplace!
13) I’m very grateful for everything I have and everyone IN my life!
14) I cherish this time with Kitten.
15) Mitchell and I have played a lot of UNO, and being home all day every day since Monday makes me miss my family. They left Monday morning and I have missed them like CRAZY!

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