WIDLM – Puke.

Anyone who knows me at all knows I have had a week stomach from day one. It’s gotten a lot better (hello, 10+ hours a day with children!) There is still ONE thing I cannot handle. Vomit. I can handle a little baby spit up, and when Sarah puked on Drew’s face last spring that didn’t really bother me a whole lot (which was weird, but I’m not complaining!)

Superbowl weekend some weird Stomach virus broke out here in WA. Something like 200 cheerleaders + people in the audience all came down with this nasty 24 hour bug. By the time I came in to work on Monday it had spread to the kiddos. K-man had been up sick all night, and puked all over BOTH couches (ewwww.) Granted the actual mess of the puke was cleaned up, but the odor was AWFUL. I spent the next two days scrubbing the life out of the couch until it was all gone and there was NOTHING left. Took me most of the week to be able to sit on the couch without thinking about the puke. D-monster and I spent most of the week reading books in the playroom instead of on the couch like usual. Friday I decided he and I would go back to our usual routine of “quite time” (Nap time) on the couch. I woke up at 3:45 to the sound of water splashing all over the couch. D-monster was “sick” in his sleep. He woke up and said “Kaytee what’s happening?” I hopped up and ran into the kitchen to get him a bucket, in the time it took me to get in there and back he had been “sick” three more times. By the time I turned around to see him…I actually SAW him being sick. TOO much for me. I hollered at K-man to go get the neighbor but he had no idea what was going on and I ended up having to run across the street to get their help.

Turns out their oldest, had been sick the day before. They were all prepared to come over and help. I felt SO awful for leaving poor 4 year old D-monster alone sick, he’s NEVER thrown up before so he had no idea. The neighbors gave him a bath, cleaned the couch, and took care of him while I watched their kids (And Baby S) and called my boss to come home. Poor D-monster was sick for almost 7 hour straight. We all have survived the weekend, and (SO FAR!) no one else has gotten sick here. The neighbor’s youngest had “it” yesterday/Sunday and from what the reports say, it can take 3-4 days to hit…so I’m hoping that if we can make it through the end of today we shouldn’t have to worry at all (lets hope!)

If you’re in the area and worried about this “Sickness” I have a few details. It’s short lived, no fevers, and it doesn’t seem to keep anyone down for longer than a few hours, both K-man and D-monster were up and about the next day doing normal activities, in fact, that same night D-monster was back to playing Wii, though he wasn’t 100%. They arent’ sure how it’s getting passed around, and say washing your hands and using hand sanitizer SHOULD help, but can’t guarantee anything. The day D-Monster got sick he and Baby S had been sharing a harmonica, but so far she hasn’t had any sicknesses. So who knows!

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