Easy healthy snack!

Alright, two posts in a row! I may actually be able to keep this up (haha don’t get your hopes up!)

Last weekend LivingSocial had a special, $20.00 for $40.00 to spend at Newcastle fruit stand! Of course it’s not just a fruit stand, it has all sorts of goodies. Plants, planters, trees, veggies…you get the idea. EverSoLightly’s family knows some people that work there, so they frequent the place. We got our Christmas tree there this past Christmas.

Anywhoooooooooo we got some HUGE. no ENORMOUS. Strawberries from there on Saturday. (Along with a bunch of other goodies…)

Yesterday I was just talking to a few moms at D-Monster’s pre-school and someone suggested I try and make home made fruit roll ups with all the yummy goodies from the fruit stand! So I did some googling and figured out it’d be pretty easy. SO here ya go kiddos, my recipe for delicious fruit roll ups. TOTALLY HEALTHY! Though they can be un-healthy if you want them to be, but why would you want to ruin such beautiful and delicious fruit?

Fresh OR frozen fruits. Any Fruit. I have Blueberries, Raspberries, Strawberries and Bananas. The more fruit you have the more roll ups you can make!
Lemon Juice
OPTIONAL: honey, sugar, splenda, sugar in the raw, whatever else you want.

Wash all your fruit, chop any of your larger fruits, and line your cookie sheets. I used silpat liners, if you don’t have those use plastic wrap. measure so you have 1/2 inch MORE than the length of your sheet. An important note, do NOT use foil. The fruit leathers will stick to the foil and you’ll have wasted all your time! Second, if you decide to use parchment, make sure you spray it with non-stick spray or it’ll absorb the juices and ruin your fruit roll ups.

If you use plastic wrap, make sure you don’t pull the edges tight around your cookie sheet. Leave them lose, the plastic will shrink, and you will want to be able to remove it from the pan easily.

Once you’ve prepared your cookie sheets, pre-heat your oven to 170ºf (at the very highest, if your oven goes lower, use a lower temperature.)

Now that you’ve done all your prep-work you’ll want to get started on mixing together your fruit. If you have a food processor, you’ll want to use it, if not, a blender will work just fine! Toss in all the fruit I want to use, if you have lighter colored fruits, pour in a smidgen of lemon juice. Now is when you’d add your sweetener. Make sure your puree isn’t chuncky, you’ll want it a true puree. The photo to the right is a shot of my Strawberry Banana mixture, you will want it even more of a puree than that, this is only about 1/3 of the way complete. I took a photo to show what you DON’T want your mixture to look like when you make your roll ups. If you leave it like the mixture in the photo, your roll ups won’t dry out properly. I’m not even sure they’ll turn out!

Once you’re happy with the flavor, slowly pour it onto your plastic wrap/or silpat liner. You don’t want it to be too think, and you’ll need to spread it thin. It needs to be so thin you can ALMOST see through it. Once you’ve completed this step, place your fruit in the oven. Set your timer, you’ll need to let this dehydrate for 6 or more hours. I found 7 works best.

Once your roll ups are done, you’ll know because they’ll peel off your liner with great ease. Transport them to Parchment paper. Get out CLEAN sanitary scissors. Cut your roll ups in as thick or as thin, as you’d like. You can tie them up with kitchen twine, ribbon or whatever you’d prefer. Store them in an air tight container if you plan to keep them for a while. They should last a couple weeks.

For a special treat you can freeze them, not only will they make a great summer snack, but they’ll last longer!

Today I made a Blueberry, Raspberry and Strawberry mixture, so far it seems to be the favorite. I also made a Blueberry, Raspberry mixture and a Strawberry Banana mixture. The strawberry banana mixture took about 8 hours to dehydrate, so keep that in mind (must be the bananas.)

If you try this, and have any suggestions or questions let me know!

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