June 17th 2012

Hi my name is Katie, I’m 24 and woke up this morning hoping to treat today like any other sunday. Then I realized… It’s father’s day.

The one day of spring that I do not enjoy or celebrate. I do not understand the purpose of this “holiday.”

One of only two photos of me and my Dad. David.

It’s my dad’s fault really, not wanting to be around until I was 6, and then never being there. Not showing up for “his day.” Being a complete asshole putting down my mom or myself…and then completely falling off the face of the earth right after my 21st birthday.

The last photo I took of Lou. Christmas 2006.

The only other “dad” I had was Lou, and he passed away almost 3 years ago, because of his own stupidity. I’m not bitter at all. No siree. not me. I don’t hold grudges at all. I don’t get emotional knowing that the very last things he said to me were “I’m not going to die Katie.” He lied. He helped push my distrust for men even further. Only one man has been there for me from day one. My brother.

I seriously could not have been blessed with a better brother. Always there for me, though he may not understand my emotional ways, or my teary meltdowns, I wouldn’t change anything about him. I have many fond memories with him as a child, and even more memories watching him turn into a fantastic dad of 3 boys.

So to the best brother I could have ever asked for, Happy Father’s day. You are the best son, brother uncle and dad we could have ever dreamed of!

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