Car sick?

Today we had quite the day. On our way to the park (it was sunny!) I discovered the weirdest vibrating sound in my trusty Subaru. It was LOUD and it caused my rear-view mirror to slide out of place. Long story short we decided to take it in. We had to wait an hour and 20 minutes for our ride, and the kids were wearing me thin, which is weird because I can usually handle anything they throw my direction. 


We got in the car, made it, maybe 10 minutes before I mentioned to my boss that I was feeling car-sick…While stopped at a light I had to get out and run across several lanes just to make it to the bushes…SO NOT NORMAL.


I’ve Never been car-sick in my life, this was weird.. I threw up and felt decent. Got back in the car…made it another 10 minutes, and spent the next 30 minutes throwing up outside a 7-11. The nice attendant came out with tissues, and a free pack of gum as well as a plastic bag. (Nice guy.) 

Eventually I got back in the car, my boss picked me up some tummy settling meds, I threw up once more, and made it home without any issues. I also made it back to work in the same car 2 hours later, and just now home.

Clearly I was not car sick, in fact, I’ve had food poisoning. YUCK. I’m a tad weak and am going to go to bed now, but I’ve survived, and can still say I have never been car sick! 

Until next time, you should all go out and enjoy the sun wherever you are, especially if you’re in seattle, I hear its supposed to rain this weekend 😦 boo.

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