Planning too far in advance?

I’d bet my mom would say there is no such thing as planning too far in advance, but I can tell you there are times when it can bite you in the rump-end! Though I guess the silver lining is if you make plans so far in advance you can get money back when you find out you have to cancel them.

Oh the things you learn as an adult. Sometimes days like today (and yesterday) just make me want to go back to being 10, so I could come home cry on my momma’s lap while she rocks me and assures me it’ll get better. It’ll start looking up. Ah, I’m a momma’s girl at heart. She’s the greatest woman alive.

I do have to say as you grow up, and start to learn how to handle things, who and what to avoid in your life, but you can’t always avoid the devious, cruel ways of some people. I just have to learn how to not let them get to me.

Another life lesson, as you grow up, those dreams you had as a kid, slowly fade and reality sinks in, sometimes those dreams change and mold into more likely possibilities, some times they don’t turn out to be as glamorous as you had once hoped…but you can’t ever stop dreaming. Something I’ve picked up, life can really stink sometimes, and often it stinks for a LONG time, but you can’t ever stop dreaming. Keep the child inside alive as long as possible. 🙂

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