Boop, boop, boop…boop…boop…beeep….boop…

The noises of 5 children is something else. Especially when they’re 5 children that you have watched grow up over the past 13 (HOLY SMOKES 13???) years!

The sounds they makein the morning, while you’re sleeping…is a whole different story.

“I waaaaaant a turn!”

When you reach a certain volume level you can’t simply use the technique that I use at work, the very quiet “inside voices please” doesn’t work with 5 kids all yelling at one another. I tried it though, and the oldest of all of them looked me in the face and gave me a look, more like a “ugh my aunt is ruining the fun.” 5 minutes later they’re back at it again.

That time I chose the “QUIET!” 4 of the 5 children hid from me. The oldest once again gave me a look that said “ugh.” I saw a much taller head pop up from behind him with a “oops” look. I hear “I’m sorry” to wich I respond, “No. TWO of you are 13 years old, and you ALL heard me ask you to keep it down, 3 people are still trying to sleep in this house,  and you need to be respectful to them!”

After 13 years you’d think those blank sad looks on their faces, the ones that say “oh no, the cool aunt is yelling at me” wouldn’t break my heart, buuuut I assure you, it always wants to make me curl up into a ball and cry. (I don’t though, and I think I’m pretty dang good at not letting them know I’m secretly super sad I had to yell at them.)

Of course 10 minutes later they’re back to yelling at each other, so really asking them to be quiet didn’t do me any good, just made me sad haha.

We drove from Portland to Seattle today. Which took a little over 5 hours. Normally it’s about 3 3-1/2 but not today. We passed time by playing “Punch Buggie” or “Slug Bug” game. EverSoLightly and I have one that is on going since Memorial day, even at work, we send each other picture texts that say “Punch Buggie ____” Once the punch Buggies were scarce we started the “Campering” game. Added in some “Mustangs” as well as some “Cucumbers” or “Mini-Coopers” and finally tossed in some “Banana Slugs.” It kept the car ride interesting!

We came home ate hot dogs, went to the store, and are now happily watching the Disney Channel, and debating Popsicles!

To anyone who is my friend on the + all photos are uploaded there. 🙂

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