Sometimes I grow tired…

Sometimes, usually only once every few years, occasionally it occurs more often but sometimes I grow tired of being me. 

I get tired of being the “baby” of the family.
The 25 year old that no one can see or treat like a 25 year old. 
I grow tired of no one being able to handle me having my own thoughts, feelings or opinions. 

Regardless of how others feel, the reality of it is, I’m 25. I’m an adult, I’m living on my own with EverSoLightly, and have been on my own for years. I have opinons, feelings and needs just like everyone else. I have stressors, bills, and a job just like everyone else.

If I say I don’t like something, I mean it. 
Just because I’m the youngest out of almost an entire family (first cousins included) does not mean you need to treat me any differently. 


/pointless rant.

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