Long over due Harry Potter and Life post.

It’s super warm here, for the PNW. Yeah yeah yeah, people in the south have it hotter but I’m not in the south, I’m in beautiful Seattle Washington, so keep your “thats nothing” comments to yourself 😀

I just realized I’m missing punctuation in that paragraph above, w/e I’m too lazy to go fix it. It hit 96 here yesterday, the kids and I were pretty miserable, luckily Toast had hockey so D-Monster and little miss and I spend two hours in the air conditioned car. We had planned on going to the pool but Little Miss was super cranky and ended up napping most of the day.

It’s slightly cooler today supposedly but it’s still roasting, it’s almost 10am and we’re all huddled near fans. Because it’s so overly warm, we don’t do much until after lunch (we have soccer in the AM and then after lunch we’re going to the pool.) That gives me far too much free time to think, browse the internet and listen to music while the kids are watching Bob the Builder. 

I was browsing reddit, when I found this thread. Book 4 had more than one spot where I thought “Hmm I feel like this was added after she started writing it.” I never wanted to take the time to decipher it mostly because I didn’t want it to ruin some of the illusion and the magic the book brought to not just my childhood, but many others. Here I sit, 13 years after reading the book for the first time (uh holy crap.) I’ve read it…quite a few times since (lol no seriously I have parts of it memorized.) The more I think about it the more it makes sense. Now the OP’s initial thought only slightly fits, I think they’re onto something. I also think that I agree with JK Rowling, when she said she wishes she hadn’t given Harry the map. Yes it was a great addition, fun, and funny when the twins talk about it…but I can see how hard it was for her to fill it in and figure out just exactly what was going on. 

For years now, (at least 11, maybe more..) I’ve always thought “I really want to write, I want to sit down and write a book.” I’ve had people tell me I should, I had teachers tell me that when I sit down without any distractions and really truly focus I am a great writer…but there is this thing, it’s called life, it keeps getting in my way! That being said, I don’t think I could ever even fathom writing such a successful series like she did, living like she was. She is such a wonderful role model, and sometimes I feel like people should just stop trying to find flaws in her writing, yet at the same time…. no one can grow without healthy criticism. 

That went down the complete opposite path from what I had planned. I don’t even know what just happened. I’m just going to give up now haha. 


On that note, it’s suppose to cool off this weekend to the low 80’s high 70’s. YES! Can’t wait. 

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