I know I promised a DIY post every Sunday, and I do have some ready to post… I just have to type it up, and the past two sunday’s we’ve found ourselves at EverSoLightly’s parent’s house, and I never remember to take my computer with me!

On that note, I have a new layout, what do you think? I think it’s pretty cute, and I love it! Any questions or comments on it? Feel free to let me know! I’ll catch up on old posts next week I hope… I have a pretty busy weekend… It’s that time of year again!

PUMPKIN CARVING! We’ll have Thomas over for good times this weekend, and on Sunday we’re carving pumpkins with EverSoLightly’s family… I hope to post about those experiences too!

2 thoughts on “I AM ALIVE!!

  1. No joke, I was going to post on your Facebook wall today and ask why you haven’t made any more posts! So glad you beat me to it! I LOVE your banner. It’s so cute and I’m a big fan of elephants and owls. I like the colors. I’m only seeing the layout on this one post so not sure if stuff changes when I go to your home page, let me go find out!


    • Hahaha, yeah I kinda let life get in the way. 😛 I’m glad you love it! I spent a fair amount of time on it, so it means a lot! Nothing changes as you navigate but thats a great idea!! I think I might work on that now! (Sarah is super super sick and didn’t go to class today… so I’m home all day.)


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