A little confession

I’m not sure how many of you miss my posts, but I have a little confession. I have been hiding. Not just from you, but everyone.

It’s a long story and it goes back well, really I guess it goes back to the genes from both sides… but really 26 years. Or close to it at least. I’ve struggled with anxiety my whole life. I have to credit my ability to stay thin. By now you’re probably thinking “what?” Let me explain. My anxiety is over throwing up. My whole childhood I had an incredibly weak stomach. If someone near me burned or blew their nose I’d throw up… I developed a fear of throwing up. Because of this I’d eat very little. Never did I eat all of anything..as I got older it got worse.. I’d skip breakfast & lunch in high school, so I wouldn’t have anything to throw up if something gross happened. It got even worse last year. Anytime I ate I threw up. So, I went to the doctor. She prescribed me citalopram (celexa).

I was only on it for 3 months…boom I was a whole new person…but now I was able to eat all of anything without any fears. Because of that I gained wait. In the past 2 months I’ve gone from thin to overweight. I started to hide from people and was constantly judging myself. If Mitchell told me I looked nice, I’d shoot back something negative about how fat and ugly I am. I still haven’t come to terms, but I don’t need to. I’m doing a 5 day eat clean challenge. I’m on day 3 and have lost 3 pounds!! I plan on keeping up with eating clean & working out. I shall return to post a blog once I get into the hang of things & lose more weight. Would you like to know more about eating clean? Let me know, ill get you in touch with two lovely ladies!

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