” Oh, I, I needed you to trust me, trust me But you think that I’m crazy, crazy…”

A quick update for those that I have (temporarily) lost touch with. 🙂

The last few years EverSoLightly and I have tried to grow some herbs and veggies and flowers on out patio. And have failed miserably… so this year I was determined to make it work! For years (more than I know I’m sure) my mom has been going to Fred Meyer‘s Fuchsia Saturday. This year she passed all her wise wisdom and tips and I headed over to the sale.

Just a short description of the sale for those who don’t know:

Basically you buy (or bring from home) planters, then you buy all your plants at Fred Meyer and they plant them (and you don’t pay for soil!) How great is that?!

So I bought 2 new planters for the front, all the flowers I wanted and they planted them!  I bought all our herbs there too, but I planted them myself because our back patio planters are HUGE and heavy.

Then a few weeks later I found these cute planters for our front porch. Planted more flowers (purchased at Freddys too!) In those too. We bought a table (purchased on sale at the Fred Meyer’s founders day sale) and now we have a cute back and front patio!

Now time for photos!! (Oh and no this post wasn’t sponsored by Fred Meyer, I just like shopping there!)


Planters after being planted at Freddy's



Bought the mushroom are Freddy's too


The buckets now face outward





The table on our patio 🙂

2 thoughts on “” Oh, I, I needed you to trust me, trust me But you think that I’m crazy, crazy…”

  1. I adore that table and those colorful planters. I wish Kroger had a Fred Meyer here instead of just a grocery store. I liked Fred Meyer when I lived in Washington. You should make another pinterest recipe dinner and eat it out on your balcony!


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