Letter writing maniac!

Since the new year I’ve been trying new ways of keeping in touch with old friends. One of the forms of communication I’ve added is hand written letters! I asked a few people if they had cards/stationary they were looking to get rid of and I wound up with a pretty large amount of stuff. I’m really excited. While going through everything, I found a few cards that were photographs clued onto a blank card. Says they’re from a company that (thanks to google) I discovered no longer IMG_54511exists. Anyway, one of the cards, is a photo of the NYC skyline with the twin towers. I have (obviously) pulled the card from the pile of cards that I’m going to use, but it was strange. It’s been a little over 13 years since the terrorist attack but I like the photo. I think it’s a good photograph and a nice reminder of how our country came together and supported one another through such a rough time. Luckily, that was the only photo of the twin towers, and the rest were some pretty awesome shots of various buildings around NYC. I know that some of you probably haven’t been to New York City, but it truly is a beautiful place. I haven’t been since July of 2006, but it is a great place I think everyone should visit at least once.

2015 is in full swing, and we’ve been pretty busy as of late. We managed to squeeze in a game night with IMG_53411EverySoLightly’s older sister, her boyfriend and her 3 dogs. I know, I know, when you hear someone say “3 dogs” it sounds like a LOT, and honestly, they put a lot of time, patience and love into those pups, but they are 3 of the most wonderful loving pupsters. The photo to the left, is a photo of Erika’s oldest pup, Tink. She is, in my opinion, the cutest and best Chihuahua in the world. She just adores EverSoLightly like nothing else. When she sees him she squeels with glee and runs straight to him. If he’s in the room and not holding her, she cries at his feet. I think, next to Erika, he is her #2 favorite human. It’s really quite adorable if you ever see the two together. Erika’s other two dogs (boys) are pretty awesome too. Meiko is very obsessed with playing fetch… and Ollie is just the greatest little terrier ever. We really enjoyed going over to their house (we went over after the Seahawks playoff game…) talking about the CRAZY game we watched earlier in the day, and played games together. It was really nice spending time with them.

Then, last Tuesday, my sister, Steph, and her husband, Kory, came over. Kory is an AMAZING cook. Like he could open his own restaurant amazing. We all pitched in on ingredients and Kory cooked us some AMAZING tacos. Pork and Bacon I believe? They were AMAZING. He even made his own Pico-de-gallo- it was so amazing, I can’t even express how all of IMG_54101you missed out on this delicious dinner. After dinner we played a couple rounds of Quelf, which is, always a load of fun. We always enjoy spending time with them. I’m so glad they live so close! The photo to the right was taken mid-quelf and Steph had to repeat everything she said. It was pretty hilarious. If you haven’t ever played the game, I highly suggest you do! I discovered it several years ago, and it’s always a huge hit with everyone we play it with. There are cards that make you do silly things, and it’s a great way to break any awkward barriers. Of course you can’t be afraid to laugh at yourself as well as be okay with others laughing at you.

I can’t think of anything else going on, so I think I’ll just end this post here 🙂

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