750 Words, and a simple flower

Clear back in April of 2011, I started the 750 Words challenge. I of course lasted a whopping 3 days, but I’ve decided to TRY and pick it back up again. I started today, and my it was much easier than I remember it being! Anyone else doing it, or anything like it?


I had the above typed out at work while the youngest was napping… But I came home to something far more important than any silly little typing challenge.

Today, EverSoLightly and I had to say goodbye to one of our dearest friends. We had to let go of a friend that was there for us through everything. If we had a rough day, he was there to take the edge off. He taught us so many things. We learned you cannot leave your shoes in the middle of the entry way, or someone might steal the insoles… we learned that keeping the plunger sitting next to the toilet might result in it getting stolen… and of course, one of the most ridiculous things, pink is not just for girls.

If you’re extremely confused, we had to say goodbye to our 5 year old Ferret, Archimedes today. We think he passed away in his sleep this afternoon. He was moving around last night when I went to bed — and this morning I didn’t notice anything strange in his cage (He’s often asleep when I leave for work at 7am.)

Archie when he was 1...

That little guy there, was the greatest furball ever. Anyone that met him INSTANTLY fell in love with him, he was such a colorful and fun little guy and I couldn’t be more thankful for the time he spent with us. We brought him home on January 11 2010… He was much younger than the pet-store suggested (they thought he was 6 months, the vet said he was closer to only a month old….) The first few months we had him, I spent awake in the middle of the night, training him and working with him… teaching him that night time hours were intended for quiet time, and not a time to break out of your cage and bite daddy’s toes. We bonded in those first few weeks… He and I became best of buds.

Archie sleeping in my arms just a week or so after we brought him home…

A few fun stories about Archie, One day, just a month or two after we brought him into our home, we had gone out with a friend. When we came back, our friend said something to us about him being a little red… We looked at each other like she was crazy, but upon further inspection he was actually a shade of pinkish/red! Imedietly we started searching his body to make sure it wasn’t blood, and searching the apartment… then we found it… a glass of hot pink Kool-aid knocked over onto our floor… He found the pink drink, knocked it over, drank some and rolled around in the rest… (to be continued after a few photos…)

Archie’s 2nd day with us, he was inspecting Dad’s feet….

A few days later, we left the house for an hour or two, and came back, everything pink in the house was gone, we searched high and low for all things pink AND Archie, and found him happily hiding under our dresser with EVERYTHING pink… including licorice! It was then that we discovered he was drawn to anything and everything pink!

Here he is, Mitchell snapped this photo, I think he probably had stolen some turkey or something from one of our plates… because that’s definitely the “I’ve got something i shouldn’t…” look

This was taken on his first day with us… we had to create a blockade to keep him out of the dangerous kitchen and Laundry room (fridges, ovens and dryers are all very dangerous for ferrets…) He outsmarted us quickly as you can see, and we had to figure out a new situation…

Getting ready for bed one night… he stole all the clothing in there, as well as any towels… and he had full roam of the apartment 24/7 (with the exception of the danger zones mentioned above…) We could only afford a tiny cage, and couldn’t ever lock him in such a small space for any period of time, that would have been awful. How cute was baby archie?

Not long after adjusting into our home, he discovered his new favorite napping place… our dresser drawers… the first time we came home and he didn’t greet us, we both thought something awful had happened to him… we panicked and looked everywhere… eventually we found him… here. all curled up and happily sleeping.

Here he is, sleeping like a goofball on Valentines day 2010

Archie and I napping together…

His favorite toy when he was little was a froggy rug that I bought in the $1 section at target… He was always stealing it and you could hear his breathing change when he stole it.,, as if he was thinking “Gotta steal it quick!” I have a photo of the rug somewhere… I’ll try and find it and include it in this post…

awwwww I’m bawling all over again just looking at this photo…

Sleeping on my lap one afternoon…

As time wore on, he discovered the ONE thing in the house he wanted in his bed… the PLUNGER. somewhere… I’ll see if I can find it… I have a video of him stealing it a couple weeks ago… he was so determined to have that darn plunger! It has teethmarks all over it from him trying to steal it…

He was so tiny he fit into EverSoLightly’s hands!

First photo of all three of us!!

He often slept at our feet while we did the dishes or cooked dinner…

Archie stole a pair of EverSoLightly’s unders once upon a time… he LOVED them.

showing off his new jacket…

I’m sorry I haven’t been able to type more in between photos… I’m still processing and dealing with the emotions… and often burst into tears…

hiding stuff in one of his many Forts….

Meeting his sister for the first time…

Archie exploring our bathroom…

Thats all I can handle for tonight. Rest in peace sweet little buddy. We will always miss you and will never forget all the wonderful memories you gave us.

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