Catch-up photos…

Archie’s death threw me off completely. I’m still crying daily over losing him… I never would have known just how much he impacted my life. I don’t know how long it’ll be before I can talk/think about him without tears… EverSoLightly and I are devastated.

On that note, however, I did keep up with a photo a day. Here they are, including the one I was originally going to include in Wednesday’s post.


The photo above was taken Wednesday. I came downstairs from waking the youngest up from her nap and found this flower with the note next to it… It was such an incredibly sweet surprise and I’m glad I snapped this photo, because in the chaos of Archie’s death (and my flown blown meltdown after discovering him…) It’ll be nice to have a pleasant memory from February 18th 2015.


Thursday’s photo, Little Miss dressed up as a “doctor like daddy” for her school’s career day. Cheesin it up with her dollar store shades, and her Doc McStuffins shirt, and doctors robe. this photo warms my heart, how cute is she?!


Friday we went to Costco, and of course had hotdogs for lunch (but we brought them home…) This photo shows her eating style VERY clearly… SHOVE HALF OF A COSTCO HOTDOG (which if you have ever had one you know how much food that is…) INTO ONE BITE…this photo shows just how full her cheeks were. She had no regrets and actually ended up eating the second half of my hotdog too… (which if you’re keeping track means she ate one and a half costco hotdogs and an apple at lunch…)

IMG_5957Today’s photo is a silly photo of my friend Alisha and her husband, Ben. They came over for dinner, dessert and a game. We had a lot of fun with them but this was the best photo I got with them in it… It was really nice to have them over and I’m glad they were able to visit from Spokane for the evening! We played 221B Baker Street which is actually a game I picked up from Value Village several years ago but we just pulled it out for the first time tonight — SO TOTALLY worth the money, it is a really fun fast paced game! Lauren, if you’re reading this, I highly suggest this game if you haven’t played it!

I leave you with one photo of my Archimedes when he was a little guy… you’re all going to have to bare with me, because I’m spending a lot of time lately looking back on his life, and crying… I never thought I would cry so much when his time came… I even posted about his death on one of the Ferret Forums I had been a member of since we brought him home and all of the people were so incredibly supportive and that helped me move the process along a little which was good… it’s a slow process but I know it’ll get easier.


One thought on “Catch-up photos…

  1. First, my heart goes out to you about Archimedes. For about five or so years after my dog’s death, I would still cry about her. As the years went on I cried less though and now that Pippin’s in my life, I don’t cry about her anymore. That may be sad, but at least now I can think of the happy memories of her and not be instantly depressed. It does get better, but like you said, it just takes time.

    Second, love that you’re taking pictures! Keep that up, are you going to have a google+ album as well or just post on your blog? By the way, keep posting, I love seeing a new blog post from you.

    And third, I have played that board game before, maybe twice? I believe Elisabeth has it. I need to play that again, wonder if I can buy it on Amazon?


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