Lazy sunday evening…


Today, for the first time since OCTOBER, our friend Thomas came over to hang out. I took a few photos so there is more than just ONE but hey, better than none, right? The photo above is him playing on the WiiU. He’s very amused. I like that I snagged a photo of his smile. It was nice having him here because he is one of the many people that loved Archie too… though we didn’t talk about him at all… like I said earlier, he’s a depressing subject in our lives.


The photo above is of Kitten sitting on Mitchell’s lap… she has been a little strange the past few days, occasionally I’ll find her looking in Archie’s cage for him… It breaks my heart.


The photo above is, well, immature… but so very funny and goes well with having Thomas over… He’s bigger butts and I’m butts… I don’t know. It seems weird now haha

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