Another Salmon dinner :) my tummy is happy!

Look! I’m back on track! Posting today’s photo TODAY! I am very proud of myself! I you should be too ;P. Kidding. A little.


So for tonight’s salmon dinner, we marinated it in the lemon pepper marinade from Webber. We added lemon juice per the recipe (last time we added water but it was a different marinade.) It turned out super amazing. To go along side I made homemade cole-slaw, and we made a package of trader joe’s frozen Quinoa.  We tossed in a pinch of lemon juice to the Quinoa to help give it a little more flavor. I had a glass of my favorite Rosa Regale Sparkling Italian Wine. Overall I’d have to say this is a pretty good way to end a Monday. I hope everyone else enjoyed their monday too!

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