Kitten keeps stealing my food…

Ever since she was little, Kitten has always had this addiction to people food… It started just one week after we got her and she sat on Mitchell’s burrito…then the week later we caught her stealing a piece of pizza out of the pizza box (yes she ran off with it, and it took us a good 5 minutes to stop laughing and catch up and take it away…) She’s always stealing MY food. Yesterday she stole some fries off my plate while I wasn’t looking… Today she stole my entire cheeseburger (I didn’t even get to eat much of it…) and just now she tried to steal my sandwich. The problem is, shes so darn cute when she does it! Ugh!


On the same note, today’s photo of her being all sorts of adorable snuggling one of my many scarves… I just love her. How cute is she?


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