It’s the little things that get me through each day.

Today I came home from work and there was a surprise package waiting for me! It was from my dear dear friend Lauren! It was filled with great snacks and fun things! It was such a sweet surprise to come home to on this random Wednesday. It was especially helpful because I got one of those “Hey you might like this movie” emails from Netflix today… and decided to watch it (This is the first time that’s let me down…) and It was so sad!! The Milano cookies Lauren sent me sure did help 🙂 Without further ado, here are the goodies Lauren sent! (THANK YOU LAUREN!!!)


I love the tape she used on the box!!


First impression after opening the box “Wow! Lauren is too nice! Honey look!!”


A note from Lauren on a postcard from Seoul! I’m guessing it was from her visit with Sidney? 🙂


The goodies. How cute are those straws? And the word search?! Some yummy snacks (Cracker Jacks are gone, Cookies are half gone haha) I tried to blow the bubbles for Kitten but she was un-amused haha. I can’t wait for a sunny day! How cute is that roll of tape?! and the Cupcake liners? Thank you so much Lauren this was such a wonderful surprise!

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