Weddings, Vacations and more!

You’ll have to forgive my absence! Life got a little crazy there for a hot minute, but things seem to have settled down some so I should be able to blog somewhat more regularly.


Just a quick update, Mitchell and I are getting married, we spent Christmas in Illinois. We’ve moved into the cutest little house, and we’re deep into wedding planning. We went to Colorado for a few days and celebrated Lauren and Gene’s 1 year (and change) anniversary. I’ve been buys working on lesson plans, and wedding stuff.

I expect that posts for the next year or so will likely be heavily focused on wedding planning, and the things we DIY.

So far we haven’d DIY’d much, just some of the gifts asking people to be in our wedding
party, but we haven’t finished asking everyone, so I’ll hold off on posting those.

One of the things we plan to DIY for our wedding, are wooden signs. I found some pre-made signs at our local Michaels Craft store, and finally tonight decided to test it out. If 1-3you’re new around here, You’ll wanna know that Harry Potter is pretty important in our lives. So, it only made sense that I’d make something Harry Potter themed to test the
signs out.

I used my trusty (though honestly, I’d recommend you not buy one) Cricut. I don’t suggest them simply because their software requires internet, and is unreliable, and their customer service is just awful. If I could I’d buy a Silhouette instead. Who knows, maybe one day I’ll own both, and will be able to do a truthful and honest review.

Anyway, back to today’s project. I decided to make a cute little sign for our laundry room, because Mitchell is always losing his socks! Always! I didn’t do a good job documenting this project because, well, honestly I wasn’t sure how it was going to turn out. But I’ll provide a DIY type post anyway.


What you will need:
Wooden sign
Vinyl (I used this vinyl from Hobby Lobby)
Cricut, or Silhouette cutting machine
Transfer Tape
Hot glue gun and glue sticks
Clothes pins (mine are from Daiso)


First, you’ll want to create your design in design space (or whichever software comes with your cutting machine.
Now, type out what you want the sign to say, in my case “Free Dobby” was what I chose.
Pick your font, and size.
Trim your vinyl to the right size.
Load your vinyl onto your cutting mat, and have your machine cut it.
Once it’s cut, carefully peel off excess vinyl, and lay transfer tape on top. Careful to not leave any air-bubbles.
Make sure vinyl is stuck to the transfer tape and peel it off carefully.
Now place it firmly on your sign.
Once the vinyl is stuck to the sign carefully peel the transfer tape off, careful to not rip any of the vinyl letters.
Once your transfer tape is off, align your clothes pins, glue them into place and let them cool.


I know this tutorial wasn’t my best, but if you do decide to make one, please share your photos! I’d love to see them!

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I haven’t posted in a while, I’m sorta in-between figuring out what exactly I want to do with this blog. I’ve been thinking about re-vamping it – and even considered moving it to another host site, but I still haven’t been able to figure out exactly what I want to do.

Maybe, I’ll work on finalizing that tonight. For now, you get a personal post.

Not much is going on here, just the same old same old. Getting ready for the school year, we aren’t allowed to go into our classrooms yet to set-up, but we’ve been working on getting everything else together. I’m incredibly excited to meet all the students this year! I’ve been lucky to build great relationships with the students and their parents so far.

In other news… My birthday came and went, and it was wonderful. I am so incredibly lucky to have such wonderful people in my life. Mitchell and I have been able to build a wonderful and strong little family with our group of friends. One of our incredibly wonderful friends made me Quidditch themed birthday cakes!


Things we did for my birthday:
Spent the day relaxing at Alki
Had a fun game night with all 12 friends who were able to join us
Spent another day on Lake Washington
Went hunting for Pokemon with our friends Katy and Adam
Had another game night with our friends Katy and Adam, and Katy (who also made the Quidditch cake) also made me homemade kettle corn (YUM!)
My co-worker made me chocolate covered strawberries
I read Harry Potter and the Cursed Child with my oldest friend, Allyson

It’s safe to say, I was incredibly spoiled, yet again. I don’t know how I managed to get so lucky!



Two blog posts in one day…WHAT?

Yes, two posts in one day. I don’t know whats gotten into me!

This thursday, I will be continuing my tradition of standing in line waiting for the midnight showing of the next (and final) Harry Potter film. It’s going to be a very fun and emotional day for me. I have attended every midnight showing for every film starting with Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. I remember getting out of school early, and standing in line in Issaquah with my mom waiting for the movie to start. Eating hot-dogs, pizza and chatting with other people waiting in line.

The third movie, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban I remember waiting in line (with my mother of course 🙂 haha) at Bella Botaga theater in Redmond, Washington.

The fourth movie, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, came out once I was finally old enough to drive. My mom let me get out of school early, and drive myself and several of my friends to the same theater in Redmond. We painted our own shirts and pants and went and stood in line. Chatting and enjoying the company of other Harry Potter nerds, including a few of our peers from school.

The next film, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, I patiently waited in line from 12 noon, until midnight, at a new (at the time) movie theater in Bellevue, Lincoln Square Cinemas. I went with my best friend Allyson, her little sister Molly and Constance (our old roommate) and low and behold, we also ran into our high school health teacher, her son, and his friend. We had a lot of fun, and spent the day playing games and reading the books!

The next film, Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, I got to Lincoln Square Cinema’s at 10am, and waited in line (sort of) alone all day. Lauren came and visited me, Mitchell came and visited me, but I was alone until 6pmish when Constance joined me. That year we met some AWESOME people, that I still keep in touch with and we will be attending the final film with.

The next film released was Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, part 1. I got to the theater at noon, We went to Lincoln square to keep tradition up, Our friends Scotty and Katy came, as well as our friend Jules and our roommate Constance. I held the tears back until I couldn’t anymore. Dobby made my heart melt.

This Thursday we will be attending Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2 at an undisclosed (don’t want any creepers!) theater, we aren’t keeping the tradition up because the security at Lincoln Square is awful and last time made us stand for the 10+ hours before we were allowed into the theater, and I don’t know about you but standing on the marble floors in L-square for over 10 hours is NOT good for your feet back or knees! not to mention they weren’t even nice about it. They also had an iMax theater and this poor guy that was first in line, ended up having to go downstairs to a new line, and lost his place being first, even though he was there hours before I was and deserved to be first. I’m very excited, and very depressed all at the same time. What will I have to look forward to? Surely I could get excited for the Hunger Games movie coming out, the first book was my favorite, but Its nowhere near as amazing as Harry Potter is to me. I am going to have to take a box of tissues with me on Thursday because I just know I’m going to cry, not just because of what happens (I wont spoil it for those of you weirdos who don’t know.) Also because it’s the end to 13 years of wonderful books, websites, friends, movies, calendars, and 13 years of love that I’ve put towards something 🙂 I am aware I am very much a Harry Potter nerd, and I’m proud of it. I think waking up Friday morning, is going to be hard 😦 knowing that another chapter of my life is gone. heh.

EDIT: I forgot to include this!


Spell, dodge, too many passengers, dramatic turn, how does that hold him up?

Happy Novem–wait. How is it ALREADY November? You’re kidding me right? Does that mean I get to put up Christmas decorations now? I mean since it’ll be the blink of an eye when everyone else will be putting theirs up… I’m honestly very tempted to put ours up now, though I’m in serious need of all of my decorations and most of them are still at my mom’s house 😦 sad day for sure.

I’m currently suffering from flu-like symptoms, but not actually THE flu. Not sure how to stop it, I’ve been taking a few meds but other than that, nothings changed. No fever, and no one else seems to be getting it from me…Maybe I have winter allergies? who knows, I certainly won’t know, I don’t have insurance and this beautiful country I live in seems to think that means I can’t see a doctor. Before those of you who are trying to help tell me that the state offers insurance, let me inform you, I have looked into it, and the insurance they say I “qualify” for is 45.00 a month, and ONLY covers one dr. visit a year, as well as having a 25.00 co-pay and doesn’t cover meds. So sure it’d help me know I was sick, but wouldn’t ever help me get better, because by forking over 45.00 a month, and then a 25.00 co-pay I’d be too poor to be able to afford the prescription. Soooo here I sit.

I’ve switched things around here, as I’m sure you see, It’s not finished, but it’ll do for now. What do you think so far?

I have this constant need to remind those around me that I am 23 and contrary to their beliefs I’ve been taking car of myself for years now, I’m fully capable of cleaning up after myself and taking care of myself regardless of what other young adults my age can or cannot handle.

I make a huge point to not get mixed up in anything I wouldn’t do. I didn’t start drinking anything with alcohol in it until I was 22, and even then I hardly drank anything. I don’t like the people I hang out with to smoke, ANYTHING, and the few friends I have known that have, know to not do it around me. I work with children and I want to make sure my life isn’t something I’d have to hide from anyone else. I don’t see the appeal to people to get into stuff that could or will get them into trouble.

What is the whole appeal to the “bad guy” rough exterior? Why is it that so many people I know and love are lowering their standards to “fit in” or have the “college experience.” Another thing that bothers me is parents who “parent” unfairly. Gender should not change the way you act when your child acts out. Regardless of their gender if your 14 year old is not only posting facebook statuses about getting drunk and partying, and has come home drunk on more than one occasion, you should punish them. Instead letting them get away with it seems flat out stupid. I get that girls can go out and do things and end up pregnant, but she doesn’t get there alone. Not all girls are slutty, and I think some parents don’t know how to balance on that fine line between not parenting enough and being too strict. I felt like my mom did a wonderful job. I know parenting is hard and its no walk in the park but if you’re a parent then its your job to make sure your child (regardless of their age) is safe, and feels comfortable at home. I never had to sneak out because I never did anything that needed to be “hid” from my mom. I hold the people I spend my time with to these same high standards and I expect anyone entering my home would respect that. Alas, however some do not.

Did you know that opening someone else’s mail without their consent is punishable by law? I’m sure most of you knew that, but it seems not everyone does. Did you know that its a federal offence punishable by up to 10 years in prison OR $250,00, because it is. Not only that, you can’t even fight it. If someone finds you’ve gone through their mail, regardless if YOU feel it is necessary or not. don’t worry about EverSoLightly & me though, we would file a report with the police if it happened once. And if It happened a second  time we’d file an official report, I don’t care what the situation is, no one has a “right” to do that. NO ONE. I did even more research an 100% of the time, even if it is a bill for something in the place in which you live, work or frequent, if your name isn’t on it & you open it without permission, you still get more than just a “stern” talking to.

I know this was my Facebook status, but just because you think you own the world and are better than everyone else doesn’t mean you actually are. Also, just because you are (or went to) in college,  does NOT by any means mean you are smarter, nor does it mean you’re better than the rest of the world. Don’t walk around looking down on people, just because you think you know everything. That’s a good way to kill off your friendships and even professional and business relationships. Going to college does not mean you know what the “real” world is like. <<< True Facts right there.

Kids are acting WAY older than they should, in a BAD way. Getting high/drunk & having sex at 13 is a poor decision and parents don’t seem to care like they use to.


Don’t sleep yet Harry, he’s gonna kill you LOOK OUT!

Anger is one of those emotions that gets the better of me from time to time. Whether I’m dealing with someone acting immature or just someone not putting something back. I don’t really know where it comes from (probably my dad’s side) but there are moments where I just don’t feel like holding it in.

There are so many stupid people in the world, and so many teenagers who think they deserve to be treated as an adult and they really don’t. Sometimes I just need to vent. People can’t handle the reality of situations, especially when more than one person is angry, so a LOT of the time I’m forced to keep my mouth shut, and I’m erupting with frustration at the world right now.

Things that have angered me in the past week (If you think you’re on this list, sucks.):

“Oh yeah everyone has to ask me if they want to actually do anything official.”
My thoughts? Who the hell over the age of 10 would brag about that? STFU no one asked, and oh right I googled that shit and you’re a liar.

{written} “Blame the Jews”
Don’t go insulting anyone else in my household if you don’t live here or pay rent. GROW THE FUCK UP. You aren’t cool because you wrote that on my Calendar.

I walked into the kitchen, opened a drawer to put something away, and cut myself on a knife. why? because someone couldn’t take the 30 seconds to put it away in the right place. When I went to pull my hand out of the drawer what did I find? A towel when I grabbed it out of the drawer what happened? measuring spoons went flying everywhere.  What else flew out? a knife. AGAIN.
If you’re going to empty the dishwasher take the time to do it correctly. Of course after battling with all the knives and measuring spoons I forgot what I went in there for, and well now that I’m cozy on the couch I realize I didn’t make coffee. wtf. whatever.

Person 1: “You can’t have that I want it.”
Person 2: “Fine, but you can’t sell it.”
Person 1: “Why? You’re never going to play it.”
Person 2: “Yeah I would. You wouldn’t let me take it.”
Person 1: “Because its OURS not YOURS”
Person 2: “Exactly and you’re just going to sell it”
Person 1: “Because you never use it!”
Person 2: “Whatever just take it”
Person 1: “No I don’t want your help. I’m trying to sell some things and make money so I can move out and not be a loser like you”
First of all, let me state that this conversation has been diluted because there was a LOT of bull that was stated in this conversation by person 1 that I don’t fell the need to go into. Secondly, I have to say that this person is 18 and makes plenty of stupid decisions that person 2 would have never made. At 18 they think they know everything and all they know is that they have a “shitty” life. HA just wait. Next I’d like to say what pisses me off even more is that after this fit was thrown, person 1 was babied and loved the rest of the day, while person number 2 had to pretend like their own family hadn’t just treated them like shit.

I also hate it when people come into our home and act as if they can do whatever the hell they want. Just because you somehow got invited in does NOT make it your home. You are not welcome to help yourself to anything you want, shit, as roommates we even ask each other, and you’re not even guaranteed to get a “yes” if you ask, so don’t just go helping yourself to whatever the hell you want. Chances are, next time I’ll ask you to leave, and remind you you aren’t welcome back.

Yes. Archie is a member of my household. NO you may not take him out without asking me or EverSoLightly
This goes back to the whole “this is our home, and you can’t do whatever the hell you want in it without asking us first”

Dear IDIOT DRIVER in Seattle that pulled a U-turn on a RED light, and almost caused me, and 2 other cars to hit you: YOU SHOULD NOT HAVE A LICENSE. GO HOME AND RIDE THE BUS NEXT TIME.

The people who “know everything” and feel the need to tell everyone else how to live their lives irritate me to no end.

Lets say I walked into Starbucks one day, and ran into random person I once knew A

A: “How are you?!”
KK: “good. you?”
A: “Great!! Just (insert boring banter here)”
Loooooong pause as I franticly start heading for the door with my drink while waving and nodding goodbye
A: “So where are you working? Where are you living? How much rent do you pay? What’s your social security number and will you name your first child after me?”

OMG HOLY EFF. Are you kidding me?! If I wanted you to know that information I would have told it to you!


(turn) Careful Harry, he doesn’t have a nose!

So Today was pretty freaking Awesome and I wish I had photos to prove just HOW awesome it was. EverSoLightly, our Roommate and myself went to the Harry Potter Exhibition at the Pacific Science Center today (it was opening day) and It was AMAZING. I sat in Hagrid‘s Chair (photo coming soon) Threw a Quaffle and scored twice, and even got to pull a Mandrake out of hits cozy warm pot! It was like all my dreams came true all at once! I loved every second of it. I don’t want to ruin too much for people going, but lets just say it starts off with the Sorting Hat and only gets more awesome from there. Anyone/everyone near Seattle between now and January 30th has got to go! I plan on returning in a month or two and buying myself a quill & maybe a wand 😀

goodnight world.