WIDLM – Puke.

Anyone who knows me at all knows I have had a week stomach from day one. It’s gotten a lot better (hello, 10+ hours a day with children!) There is still ONE thing I cannot handle. Vomit. I can handle a little baby spit up, and when Sarah puked on Drew’s face last spring that didn’t really bother me a whole lot (which was weird, but I’m not complaining!)

Superbowl weekend some weird Stomach virus broke out here in WA. Something like 200 cheerleaders + people in the audience all came down with this nasty 24 hour bug. By the time I came in to work on Monday it had spread to the kiddos. K-man had been up sick all night, and puked all over BOTH couches (ewwww.) Granted the actual mess of the puke was cleaned up, but the odor was AWFUL. I spent the next two days scrubbing the life out of the couch until it was all gone and there was NOTHING left. Took me most of the week to be able to sit on the couch without thinking about the puke. D-monster and I spent most of the week reading books in the playroom instead of on the couch like usual. Friday I decided he and I would go back to our usual routine of “quite time” (Nap time) on the couch. I woke up at 3:45 to the sound of water splashing all over the couch. D-monster was “sick” in his sleep. He woke up and said “Kaytee what’s happening?” I hopped up and ran into the kitchen to get him a bucket, in the time it took me to get in there and back he had been “sick” three more times. By the time I turned around to see him…I actually SAW him being sick. TOO much for me. I hollered at K-man to go get the neighbor but he had no idea what was going on and I ended up having to run across the street to get their help.

Turns out their oldest, had been sick the day before. They were all prepared to come over and help. I felt SO awful for leaving poor 4 year old D-monster alone sick, he’s NEVER thrown up before so he had no idea. The neighbors gave him a bath, cleaned the couch, and took care of him while I watched their kids (And Baby S) and called my boss to come home. Poor D-monster was sick for almost 7 hour straight. We all have survived the weekend, and (SO FAR!) no one else has gotten sick here. The neighbor’s youngest had “it” yesterday/Sunday and from what the reports say, it can take 3-4 days to hit…so I’m hoping that if we can make it through the end of today we shouldn’t have to worry at all (lets hope!)

If you’re in the area and worried about this “Sickness” I have a few details. It’s short lived, no fevers, and it doesn’t seem to keep anyone down for longer than a few hours, both K-man and D-monster were up and about the next day doing normal activities, in fact, that same night D-monster was back to playing Wii, though he wasn’t 100%. They arent’ sure how it’s getting passed around, and say washing your hands and using hand sanitizer SHOULD help, but can’t guarantee anything. The day D-Monster got sick he and Baby S had been sharing a harmonica, but so far she hasn’t had any sicknesses. So who knows!


WIDLM – Rain.

Haha I laugh at myself every time I think “ugh I hate the rain!” I laugh because I have ALWAYS lived in the PNW, its in my genes to just naturally be use to the constant drizzle, and I do find myself saying “ugh I wish it’d rain!” But on this abnormally sunny (indoor at least) crazy busy day, I do not like the rain. I’d love to be oustside playing with the kids right now! Later today I’ll have 7 kids here, and it’d be SO wonderful to take all of them outside to play in the warm sun!

Baby S, wishes you a Happy Monday in her super cute pink skirt, and FAB suede boots (not pictured above)


Monday Memories

So it seems, Gene, Lauren and EverSoLightly have all long quit their WIDLM (sheesh wheres the dedication?) I’ve decided this week I’m going to do a “What I remember Monday” Just random memories that have recently popped into my head, no order, no rhyme or reason…just things I’ve experienced in my 24 short years of life. 🙂

  • I remember my 5th Birthday party. We had Oscar Meyer Cheddar dogs, and I got stuffed 101 Dalmatians
  • I remember eating Apple Jacks with my brother, dry, because he ran out of milk.
  • I remember an old friend, Kurt, eating moldy yogurt and him asking me if my yogurt had webs in it.
  • I remember my child hood best friend Jeff’s mom teaching me how to ride a bike without training wheels.
  • I remember holding in my tears when my dad casually told me he had to put his dog, Pooh, down….6 months before telling me he did so.
  • I remember losing almost all my friends in high school because one girl decided she didn’t like me anymore.
  • I remember watching the Goonies with my brother, in his very small…old apartment in Monmouth, Oregon.
  • I remember sitting in Taco Bell waiting for my sister to take me home, eating Pintos & cheese, and their mexi fries (those were the best tater tots ever, too bad they changed them!)
  • I remember watching Rugrats every week, faithfully, and my mom hated it.
  • I remember having “Hide-a-bed Fridays” with my mom eating pringles and watching our favorite TGIF shows!
  • I remember watching Jumanji in theaters and NOT having a nightmare over it.
  • I remember not being able to participate in my 8th birthday party at SuperPlay because I had stitches in my lip and they didn’t want to “risk” it. They allowed me to do the chicken dance. Somewhere. here. I have a photo of it. Here’s another.
  • I remember getting my SNES for my birthday that same year. The Lion King game was (and still is) the death of me!
  • I remember driving around in my mom’s honda blasting backstreet boys with all the windows rolled down with my friends Alisha, Tiffany and Sadie.
  • I remember right before my 13th birthday my dad stopped by our house to give me my bday present (a basketball hoop) and telling me I looked like a pregnant woman. here is a photo from when I was 13.
  • I remember watching the first episode of Smallville with my friend Sarah, and being terrified.
  • I remember the day my niece was born in California, and she was the first new born baby I’d ever seen. I thought she was wrinkly and ugly. I look back now and laugh at my pre-teen self. She was stinkin adorable.
  • I remember faking poor eye sight so I wouldn’t have to sit in the back of the class in 3rd grade…by 6th grade I had to wear glasses full time 😦
  • I can remember conversations I’ve had with my mom over the past 24 1/2 years. I remember her talk about Santa, I remember her teaching me about how the spot of “water” that I see in front of us on hot days, isn’t really water. I was 6 when she told me that. We were driving home from my Aunt Lori’s house.
  • I remember going over to Aunt Lori’s just so she could braid my hair and I could play with her kitty.
  • I remember my brother getting Lucky Charms for Christmas.
  • I remember one of the years that the Salvation Army provided my mom’s and my Christmas presents. To this day, that was one of the most memorable holidays ever.

WIDLM: Common Cold

ANYONE can get a cold. Anyone can have the common cold. Everyone has to go on with their day to day lives with a common cold. I have to go to work with a sore throat, strange cough, congestion and a terrible headache. I wish for just once I could get a real illness – I’d like to say “oh yeah I have a haunted leg” :p

Haunted Leg