Pot-Pie, Revisited! (Seafood Pot Pie)

You read that right! It’s fall, so it’s time for my yearly check-up on our favorite recipe, the Chicken Pot-Pie!


I have been making, working on, and perfecting this recipe for 7 years now, and it’s just better and better every time.  Yesterday, Mitchell and I decided to make one to welcome fall.

We are now pescetarian, which means the only “meat” we eat is seafood. We mostly follow a vegetarian diet, with the exception when we eat out, and the occasional splurge where we make seafood at home.

So, when I had the idea to make a Veggie pot pie for the blog, as we were gathering the ingredients at the grocery store, we decided to try making one with shrimp and cod! The end result was amazing, and I had to share it with you!

(Also, if you were curious, the pot-pie recipe is still amazing, still easy, and still my favorite.)

This recipe makes 2 pies.

2 Medium or large carrots – washed and chopped to your liking.
2 stalks of celery – washed and diced.
1/2 an onion, diced.
A very small pinch of Thyme.
2 Medium or larger potatoes –  chopped, not peeled.
2 dozen small shrimp, precooked.
1/2 pound of cod (Or however much or little you prefer).
1/4th a cup of butter… make sure it’s real butter, SmartBalance will not work.
1/4th a cup of Flour.
2 cups seafood broth.
1/2 a teaspoon salt.
1/2 teaspoon pepper.
2 boxes pie crust.



Pre-heat your oven to 375
Put your chopped carrots & potatoes into a medium/large pot with water & cook for about 10 minutes until cooked just enough that you can poke them, but still firm.
While your potatoes and carrots are boiling, wash and pat dry your cod. Season with a little salt and pepper.
Place your cod in a frying pan that has been warmed with a little bit of oil.
Cook thoroughly, take off heat and set aside.


Once you’re carrots and potatoes have been cooked, strain them & set them aside.
In that same pot, melt your butter.
Once it’s melted, add your flour & stir until mixed.
Now add in your seafood stock, Thyme, salt& pepper, (I added my celery now too) boil for 2 minutes. I added my shrimp one minute in. The photo below is after I started adding the carrots.


Now it should look like a saucy soup, or stew.
Next, you’ll want to mix all the ingredients into the sauce. Stir well.


Take your pie crusts & place in your pie plates, pour your ingredients into crust, cover with remaining crust & tossed into the oven for roughly 30 minutes until the crust is a beautiful golden brown.


Let the pie rest for about 10 minutes (it’s actually best to let it sit about 15-20 minutes) before cutting into pieces. Serve, and enjoy!




“Goodness is about character – integrity, honesty, kindness, generosity, moral courage, and the like. More than anything else, it is about how we treat other people.”

I sat down this evening with no intentions to write a blog, but here I am.

I’m sorry I haven’t blogged, I just haven’t had much to blog about. I mean sure, there are a few things going on but not enough forth a whole blog post — or I just plain forgot.

I would like to state one thing, and I’m going to make this clear as day. If you don’t like what I post here, then don’t read it. Plain and simple. Don’t like a photo I post? Cool. I don’t expect everyone to like everything I post. The wonderful thing about the internet, is you don’t HAVE to read anything on it.

Moving on, there has been so much anger, hate and frustration going around. 2016 has been a rough year for some, and I can tell you there was a short period of time in 2015 where I struggled.

Teaching preschool really has helped me see that many of us adults have it all mixed up. Mitchell and I have run into people in our lives that are so full of anger and hate that they’ve lost sight of what is important.

Religious or not, you should agree that we need to be kind to one another. Stop holding grudges and going out of our way to make people feel little, or worthless.

I brought up religion because there are a few things that have helped me over the past few months. One of them being personal experience, I have been on the receiving end of some awful things. Another thing that has helped are bible verses I learned as a kid.

Leviticus chapter 19, verses 17 and 18:

You shall not hate your fellow countryman in your heart; you may surely reprove your neighbor, but shall not incur in sin because of him. You shall not take vengeance nor bear any grudge against the sons of your people but you should love they neighbor as thy self.

Hear me out before you quit reading. I’m not trying to force religion or my beliefs down your throat, but I do think this is incredibly powerful. Don’t hate someone. You know that saying “Forgive but don’t forget.” That is something I think more people need to follow. We all sin, we all make mistakes, we all have flaws. It’s what we learn from them that is important. Just remember that guy that rudely cut you off in traffic, is someone’s brother, son, father, friend. Just like you are.

Often now days people let their anger and hate consume them. Something happens, and it morphs into this nasty beast inside of them and next thing you know they’re spreading their anger, upset and frustrations around them.

I will from here on out not let other’s actions and behavior alter who I am. At least that is what I am working to achieve. I still have some great hurt and upset buried down inside me thanks to others, but my first step is to be able to walk away from all of that.



Turning a new leaf.


So for anyone who has been up to date on my life, my sweet beloved glorious Subaru is on her last leg of life, supposedly. She has 230k miles on her. Her head gaskets were replaced in 2010, she had a brand new radiator, all new hoses and plugs, a BRAND spanking new battery and a few other additions. She also, however, has her original 1997 motor, starter and alternator. She has new tires and is in really good condition considering her life-span, which includes a drive clear across the country from her home of Virginia to her new home, Seattle.

That being said, the fantastic EverSoLightly and I are having to do some MAJOR budget cuts to help with the purchase of a new car and payments and such.

So, one of the places we can, and should, and will be cutting back is food! So I’ve developed a hopeful idea. ALL our meals are going to cost us UNDER $10 each. Snacks, will be made if possible, to help save even more money. Today I’m going to try and tackle home-made crackers. But that’ll be later and for a different post.

Recipes I’m hoping to be able to make under $10:

Chili and cornbread
Veggie Stir-Fry, EverSoLightly isn’t a big veggie eater so I’m hoping to put more veggies into our diet.
Tomato soup and grilled cheese, both home made.
Beef Stroganoff
Tuna Casserole
Chicken Enchiladas
and once a month I’ll splurge to make a DELICIOUS meal. This month’s meal (actually it’ll probably be October…) Lamb Stew! Yum!

Do any of you have any recipes you think would work? pass them along! I’ll try them out! 😀



Weight loss, it’s not easy!


My last visit to the Dr. She mentioned I was “overweight” for my hight and body size. Now for anyone who reads my blog on a semi-regular basis, will probably know, it’s no secret I’m short. VERY short. 4’11”. So when I tell you I’m overweight, most people laugh at me and say “No, there is NO way thats true.” I want you to sit back and think about you, your height, and the “healthy” weight for your structure. Now take that, and downsize it to someone who is short. My petite frame can only handle so much. TMI part for any males, or females who don’t like to talk about personal stuff, I’m warning you all now :).

At my heaviest I’ve ever weighed, was 122lbs. But 122lbs on a petite 4’11 frame is hard on my knees, and other joints. My back kills me. “But where does she keep all that weight?” of course I have a little bit of a tummy, but most of my weight is in my chest.

In 4 years I went from a 32b, to a 34DD bra size. I am not even kidding you in the slightest. I wish I were. So what now? I’m working my little booty. Trying to lose the weight, though supposedly, your chest area is one of those that it’s rare to lose weight from…but I’m not going to give up just because of some small fact. I started running daily with Baby Sarah (She loves to sit in the stroller while I jog, somehow I lucked out there, because Drew haaaated it! Now that it’s summer I’ve started some other work out routines and have been eating healthier…or at least trying. Lets face it though, I’m still pretty lucky, 25 years old and can pretty much eat whatever I want, as long as I’m active my weight doesn’t fluctuate that much. Of course I’m not as lucky as @EverSoLightly or his younger sister, they’re Hollywood’s perfect weight, but I can’t really complain :D.

So, this is sorta an update, also a “hey guess what I’m going to be healthier!” post.  Are you trying to be healthier too? let me know! We can work together at reaching our personal goals!



Spell, dodge, too many passengers, dramatic turn, how does that hold him up?

Happy Novem–wait. How is it ALREADY November? You’re kidding me right? Does that mean I get to put up Christmas decorations now? I mean since it’ll be the blink of an eye when everyone else will be putting theirs up… I’m honestly very tempted to put ours up now, though I’m in serious need of all of my decorations and most of them are still at my mom’s house 😦 sad day for sure.

I’m currently suffering from flu-like symptoms, but not actually THE flu. Not sure how to stop it, I’ve been taking a few meds but other than that, nothings changed. No fever, and no one else seems to be getting it from me…Maybe I have winter allergies? who knows, I certainly won’t know, I don’t have insurance and this beautiful country I live in seems to think that means I can’t see a doctor. Before those of you who are trying to help tell me that the state offers insurance, let me inform you, I have looked into it, and the insurance they say I “qualify” for is 45.00 a month, and ONLY covers one dr. visit a year, as well as having a 25.00 co-pay and doesn’t cover meds. So sure it’d help me know I was sick, but wouldn’t ever help me get better, because by forking over 45.00 a month, and then a 25.00 co-pay I’d be too poor to be able to afford the prescription. Soooo here I sit.

I’ve switched things around here, as I’m sure you see, It’s not finished, but it’ll do for now. What do you think so far?

I have this constant need to remind those around me that I am 23 and contrary to their beliefs I’ve been taking car of myself for years now, I’m fully capable of cleaning up after myself and taking care of myself regardless of what other young adults my age can or cannot handle.

I make a huge point to not get mixed up in anything I wouldn’t do. I didn’t start drinking anything with alcohol in it until I was 22, and even then I hardly drank anything. I don’t like the people I hang out with to smoke, ANYTHING, and the few friends I have known that have, know to not do it around me. I work with children and I want to make sure my life isn’t something I’d have to hide from anyone else. I don’t see the appeal to people to get into stuff that could or will get them into trouble.

What is the whole appeal to the “bad guy” rough exterior? Why is it that so many people I know and love are lowering their standards to “fit in” or have the “college experience.” Another thing that bothers me is parents who “parent” unfairly. Gender should not change the way you act when your child acts out. Regardless of their gender if your 14 year old is not only posting facebook statuses about getting drunk and partying, and has come home drunk on more than one occasion, you should punish them. Instead letting them get away with it seems flat out stupid. I get that girls can go out and do things and end up pregnant, but she doesn’t get there alone. Not all girls are slutty, and I think some parents don’t know how to balance on that fine line between not parenting enough and being too strict. I felt like my mom did a wonderful job. I know parenting is hard and its no walk in the park but if you’re a parent then its your job to make sure your child (regardless of their age) is safe, and feels comfortable at home. I never had to sneak out because I never did anything that needed to be “hid” from my mom. I hold the people I spend my time with to these same high standards and I expect anyone entering my home would respect that. Alas, however some do not.

Did you know that opening someone else’s mail without their consent is punishable by law? I’m sure most of you knew that, but it seems not everyone does. Did you know that its a federal offence punishable by up to 10 years in prison OR $250,00, because it is. Not only that, you can’t even fight it. If someone finds you’ve gone through their mail, regardless if YOU feel it is necessary or not. don’t worry about EverSoLightly & me though, we would file a report with the police if it happened once. And if It happened a second  time we’d file an official report, I don’t care what the situation is, no one has a “right” to do that. NO ONE. I did even more research an 100% of the time, even if it is a bill for something in the place in which you live, work or frequent, if your name isn’t on it & you open it without permission, you still get more than just a “stern” talking to.

I know this was my Facebook status, but just because you think you own the world and are better than everyone else doesn’t mean you actually are. Also, just because you are (or went to) in college,  does NOT by any means mean you are smarter, nor does it mean you’re better than the rest of the world. Don’t walk around looking down on people, just because you think you know everything. That’s a good way to kill off your friendships and even professional and business relationships. Going to college does not mean you know what the “real” world is like. <<< True Facts right there.

Kids are acting WAY older than they should, in a BAD way. Getting high/drunk & having sex at 13 is a poor decision and parents don’t seem to care like they use to.


“That’s the virginity ovation!”

Sometimes I wonder what happens to people that treat others terribly. Is anything ever going to happen to the people who walk around and treat me like the bug they’re about to crush?

I have a very strong personality, I come off offensive at times, and I know what you’re thinking, I know EVERYONE does once in a while, but I think I come off stronger than others. I don’t try to offend others, and now that I’m older I don’t offend as much as I use to. Now days if I offend someone its usually because I brought up the truth and they are afraid of it.

I’m just getting tired of people thinking they own the world and everyone in it. I’m tired of being treated like I’m a disease. I’ve spent too many days and nights stressing and crying about some of the people in and around my life. I shouldn’t have to work hard to get others to like ME.

I have recently given up on a friend, someone I NEVER thought I’d give up on, but mostly because all they’ve been doing for 3 years is complaining about how terrible their life is and they NEVER act on it. I never intended to give up on them, but there are people constantly breathing down my neck waiting for me to mess up so they can have a legit reason to hate me.

If you’re going to comment saying “hate is a really strong word” don’t bother. I don’t need to hear it, I can tell when someone hates me, and I’m sure if you were in my shoes you’d feel the same way.

Which brings me to another point. That saying, “Hate is a really strong word” is a load of crap and it’s always bugged me. If I say I hate something, let me hate it regardless of whether or not you agree. I don’t walk around saying “I hate you, and you and you and him and her” so get off my back. Get off everyone’s back, unless you’re teaching a child about morals, ethics and how to treat their classmates let us adults choose our own wording thank you very much.

I’m starting to lose my footing in life. Slowly starting to slip and if I don’t stand up for myself I may fall flat on my face. The problem? I can’t stand up for myself without losing something else. It’s a very fine line and I’m learning to balance on it. All apart of getting older.

I would also like to announce that I have officially made it past one of my life goals (but to be quite honest it wasn’t hard and took very little work) I have successfully managed to make it to 23 without any major issues or problems or bumps in the road, and by issues problems or bumps in the road I mean I haven’t made any major life altering mistakes, whoopsies, or errors.

oh and Oprah says some crazy shit.

goodnight world.