Summer Lovin’

Today was super bittersweet. On one hand I got to go to the beach, and have a BLAST with 5 fab kiddos, and my mom. On the other hand, I had to say goodbye to two bright beautiful fantastic little girls. I cried for at least an hour, and am still teary eyed. No one sitting in my back seat belting out at the top of her lungs and dancing like a mad woman. No one sitting in the passenger seat telling me how awesome her day was. No one to help me manage the kiddos. No one to wake up, and hear “ehhhh” when I pull the blankets off their tootsies. No one to take forever getting ready so we can go to work on time. I’m really truly heart broken. Those girls mean the world to me.

We had such a fun week, and I’m truly heart broken I won’t see them again before they head back home. /pity party. On with adorbs photos.