Oh Sunday, I love you.

Yesterday we spent the day out on an Indian Reservation (Why on earth are we still calling them indians? They clearly are NOT indian, and now days native american can mean anyone born here, and that are now “native” whatever, I’m not going to get into this politically correct world, we were on a reservation.) Playing with little crabs, and exploring.

Today, we’re hanging out at home, and I drew EverSoLightly a picture on my Bamboo Create Tablet. Growing up, he watched Winnie the Pooh a LOT. I, as a child watched the Muppets/Sesame Street more than I ever watched Pooh bear. So when we first started dating, all those years ago (for those of you keeping track, 4!) he wanted to watch Pooh one evening, so I humored him, and watching him sing along, and quote the episodes (he’ll bee mortified to know I’m sharing this story) I thought it was absolutely adorable. I started bringing the movies to work so D-monster could watch them, at the time he was 2, and he LOVE LOVES LOVES pooh now. It’s a great show that never gets old.

Today I decided I’d take a shot at drawing pooh bear for EverSoLightly. I think it turned out pretty well! Ignore my boy hand writing, my writing never was very girly.

Click for a larger version of course.

A photo of one of the crabs we found yesterday. ^

Thats all for now, Maybe I’ll start posting more of my art work…but I wouldn’t count on it haha, I hardly ever even show anyone!


If you’re fighting, mom’s got some salsa in the kitchen…

This weekend EverSoLightly and I decided to try something crafty. We started with the idea of melting some crayons on canvas. Our first one, we started with the idea of turning it into flowers, but it didn’t work as planned, so we improvised. We then each and our own creations. I melted mine like the first one, and Mitchell decided to melt his crayons and paint them with a paint brush (Clever!) Here are some photos of how our paintings/crayon art turned out:

Then, this morning, I decided to try my creativity a little more. I created door signs, and a little friendly artwork for the kids’ rooms. I’m really pleased with how they came out, they’re not fully finished yet, I have two more to make, but I thought I’d share the ones I made today. Drew and Kieran got to pick what went on theirs, and the Winnie the Pooh quote is for Drew’s side of the room. The remainder of that quote will be finished and placed on another piece of canvas. The Cinderella quote is for Sarah’s room.