Weddings, Vacations and more!

You’ll have to forgive my absence! Life got a little crazy there for a hot minute, but things seem to have settled down some so I should be able to blog somewhat more regularly.


Just a quick update, Mitchell and I are getting married, we spent Christmas in Illinois. We’ve moved into the cutest little house, and we’re deep into wedding planning. We went to Colorado for a few days and celebrated Lauren and Gene’s 1 year (and change) anniversary. I’ve been buys working on lesson plans, and wedding stuff.

I expect that posts for the next year or so will likely be heavily focused on wedding planning, and the things we DIY.

So far we haven’d DIY’d much, just some of the gifts asking people to be in our wedding
party, but we haven’t finished asking everyone, so I’ll hold off on posting those.

One of the things we plan to DIY for our wedding, are wooden signs. I found some pre-made signs at our local Michaels Craft store, and finally tonight decided to test it out. If 1-3you’re new around here, You’ll wanna know that Harry Potter is pretty important in our lives. So, it only made sense that I’d make something Harry Potter themed to test the
signs out.

I used my trusty (though honestly, I’d recommend you not buy one) Cricut. I don’t suggest them simply because their software requires internet, and is unreliable, and their customer service is just awful. If I could I’d buy a Silhouette instead. Who knows, maybe one day I’ll own both, and will be able to do a truthful and honest review.

Anyway, back to today’s project. I decided to make a cute little sign for our laundry room, because Mitchell is always losing his socks! Always! I didn’t do a good job documenting this project because, well, honestly I wasn’t sure how it was going to turn out. But I’ll provide a DIY type post anyway.


What you will need:
Wooden sign
Vinyl (I used this vinyl from Hobby Lobby)
Cricut, or Silhouette cutting machine
Transfer Tape
Hot glue gun and glue sticks
Clothes pins (mine are from Daiso)


First, you’ll want to create your design in design space (or whichever software comes with your cutting machine.
Now, type out what you want the sign to say, in my case “Free Dobby” was what I chose.
Pick your font, and size.
Trim your vinyl to the right size.
Load your vinyl onto your cutting mat, and have your machine cut it.
Once it’s cut, carefully peel off excess vinyl, and lay transfer tape on top. Careful to not leave any air-bubbles.
Make sure vinyl is stuck to the transfer tape and peel it off carefully.
Now place it firmly on your sign.
Once the vinyl is stuck to the sign carefully peel the transfer tape off, careful to not rip any of the vinyl letters.
Once your transfer tape is off, align your clothes pins, glue them into place and let them cool.


I know this tutorial wasn’t my best, but if you do decide to make one, please share your photos! I’d love to see them!

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Thankful Thursday

It’s only suiting (it being Thanksgiving and all) that I felt I should post a Thankful Thursday Post. A little different from my typical “What I don’t Like” posts 😀

24 things I’m thankful for.

  1. This family
  2. My kind, sweet, loving, amazing Family (Mom, J and B not pictured)
  3. My wonderful, loving boyfriend
  4. My mom and everything she has sacrificed, and done to make sure we always had everything we ever needed. Without her, I would be nothing!
  5. These two furry friends
  6. Friends
  7. One of my oldest and dearest friends – Thomas. He’s truly a true friend. I know I (we) are very lucky to have him in my (our) lives!!
  8. I am thankful for the roof over my head
  9. Food
  10. My wonderful Subaru
  11. Christmas
  12. Love
  13. Internet
  14. Full Circle Farms
  15. Pizza Plants
  16. warmth
  17. Snow
  18. Phones
  19. My Education
  20. My Ancestors
  21. The world
  22. Rain Boots
  23. My ability to cook decent food
  24. Everyone I’ve ever met, even if we only ever spoke once, had a falling out, or are the best of friends, I’m still thankful for that opportunity to meet them.