Vegan foods and a .com?!


While we were in Colorado visiting Lauren we ate a little healthier than we normally do. Actually, during our entire stay, we only had a couple meals that weren’t vegetarian. Since we’ve been back 90% of our meals that I’ve made here at home have been vegetarian. For no reason other than it’s easy, cheaper, and healthy. We aren’t big meat eaters, so it really isn’t that big of a change.

Tonight, I decided to experiment a little. I made a vegan pasta dish with meatless “meat” and it turned out amazing.


The only thing Mitchell noticed was the noodles not being the “normal” noodle. These were pretty good in my opinion! I used the brand Ancient Harvest, and their pasta was on sale, so I only paid $2.50 for the box, which for gluten free is super cheap! I probably should have grabbed a couple other boxes, but I wasn’t sure how the texture would be. Really truly there wasn’t much difference, though I know picky people would notice the difference.

Next, I used the Smart Ground Original. This stuff,  was SO delicious! The texture was spot on, and it added great flavor. I will definitely be buying their products again!


first I boiled the noodles, and strained them. Sat them aside. Then, I sautéd the meat with some garlic, and spinach,  once it was heated and the spinach had the right amount of wilting, I added the sauce, You can use whatever pasta sauce you prefer, mine was just a classic tomato sauce. heat, add the noodles and voila! Ready to consume!



Oops! I forgot to add, you can now locate my blog by visiting therealkk.com!


I need your help!

I am so sorry I’ve fallen behind in my posts. I really do have a long list of things to post and not enough time in my week to do it! I’ve been thinking about this for a while and I’ve decided to look for a few guest bloggers.

Do you have a love for DIY projects?
Do you love cooking food?
Do you have great ideas or advice for others?
Do you have another hobby you’d like to share with a new audience?

This could be a good opportunity for you! If you’re interested, shoot me a comment, a tweet, or even an email and we’ll discuss the details!




Tasty Homemade Apple Turnovers

I’ve said it time and time again. I LOVE AUTUMN. Something about the cool air, the rain, the colors… the FLAVORS! Everything about autumn is beautiful… A couple weeks ago I bought all the supplies to make Apple Turnovers… I don’t know what got into me but I haaaad to make them.

It’s really simple. These turned out really really tasty. I was too worried and embarrassed to share these with EverSoLightly’s family, even though I had intended them for his dad’s birthday. I saved them and EverSoLightly and I ate them the next day & he raved about them!

Home Made Apple Turnovers



Apples, I used 4
Apple Peeler, corer, slicer
1/2 cup Apple Juice
1/4 cup Brown Sugar
Cinnamon to taste
Allspice to taste
(crushed) Cloves to taste
Decorative sugar
1 Egg (for egg wash at end)
Puff Pastries


First, you’ll want to use your apple peeler corer slicer (assuming you washed your apples first.)
I had two bowls next to me, one for the bits of the apple that I wasn’t going to keep, and one for the pieces for the turnovers. I was raised to EAT that delicious skin that comes off with the apple peeler corer slicer. If you don’t want to you can use them as compost or put them in your yard waste bin.
Once all your apples have been peeled, cored, sliced… Dice them up to the size you want. This is YOUR recipe, so nothing is “wrong.”


Once all your apples are cut up and your mess is cleaned up, toss those slices into a pot, pour in your apple juice, and spices to taste… cook cook cook, you want those apple slices to be soft and beautiful.
IMG_3993Once your apples are soft, and they taste the way you want, get your puff pastries ready.
I cut mine into 6 pieces (though only took a picture after I made the first two.) Grease your baking sheet now.

Once yours are divided up the way you want, fill them with your delicious apple filling. Close them according to your preference. In a separate bowl, mix one egg with a bit of water, mix. Brush this mixture over the turnovers, and sprinkle with sugar. Bake in oven according to Puff Pastry box. Once done, move to a cooling rack & enjoy!


Do you have any extra filling? Toss that into your blender, food processor, or whatever you use and turn it into YUMMY apple sauce!



theREALchef: Chicken-Pot-Pie

Happy Hump-Day! Today I’m going to share with you, a wonderful all time autumn favorite.

Chicken Pot-Pie.

This recipe has been 5 years in the making… I have been trying and trying to prefect it. It’s one of EverSoLightly’s favorite dishes, so it was a big deal for me to be able to make it anytime. A few years ago (3! yikes!) I went over to his parent’s house and his mom (Urbanterra) gave me a lesson in how to make her pot pie. Obviously, this recipe isn’t exactly hers… It’s now mine 🙂 I made some changes, because no matter what I did it never turned out exactly the same (according to EverSoLightly.) 



My adaptation of her classic recipe was a HUGE hit. He had more than one helping and it was super easy to make! So I figured, why not share it with others! Without further ado, here is my recipe!

Katie’s Yummy chicken Pot-Pie


2 Medium or large carrots – chopped to your liking (I prefer NOT to peel them, but thats up to you.)
2 stalks of celery – chopped to your liking.
3 Green onions – chopped.
A pinch (or 1/2 a teaspoon) of Thyme
2 Medium or larger potatoes – again, chopped to your liking. (I don’t peel these either.)
2 boneless skinless chicken breasts, cooked. (about 2 cups once chopped up.) You could also take the route I used…Buy a rotisserie chicken from the grocery store… This is a great idea if you’re making 2 pies, or if you’re going to have chicken for dinner later in the week.
1/4th a cup of butter… make sure it’s real butter, SmartBalance will not work.
1/4th a cup of Flour
2 cups chicken broth
1/2 a teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon pepper
1 box pie crust (or, if you dare, homemade.)



Pre-heat your oven to 375
Put your chopped carrots & potatoes into a medium/large pot with water & cook for about 10 minutes until cooked just enough that they won’t mush up in the pie.

Once they’ve been cooked, strain them & set them aside.
In that same pot, melt your butter. 
Once it’s melted, add your flour & stir until mixed.
Now add in your chicken stock, Thyme, salt & pepper, (I added my celery now too) boil for 2 minutes.


Now your sauce should be…well a sauce 🙂 Now you’ll want to mix all the ingredients into the sauce. Stir well.


Take your pie crust & place in your pie dish, pour your ingredients into crust, cover with remaining crust & tossed into the oven for roughly 30 minutes until the crust is a beautiful golden brown.

I hope you enjoy this recipe as much as we have! It’s perfect on a rainy autumn day. 🙂


My favorite time of year…

Autumn is right around the corner, and if you’ve been reading my blog for the past… 5, 6? years you’d know that once Autumn rolls around my crafting/cooking/creative mode starts and we have traditions that we stick to each year. 

I am so excited to get out the fall decorations, start cooking some delicious fall meals AND this time of year is when we get to see one of my oldest and dearest friends the most! 

Things to look forward to:

Pumpkin Carving
Autumn Decorations
More delicious recipes
I’m going to tackle learning to use my sewing machine!
OktoberFest (which, oddly enough is in September?)
Planning our 2nd Annual Murder Mystery Party (December!)
Christmas Tree hunting
Christmas Tree decorating
CHRISTMAS festivities! 

Are you excited yet?? I hope you are 🙂

I’m sick, so I’m going back to bed, this took a LOT of my energy to type up…booo.



I hope everyone had a great valentines day, we certainly did!

This year I made a BBQ beef casserole and a no bake cheesecake. They were both VERY delicious. I get e-mails with recipes each week. Last week this super delicious recipe popped up. You can find it here.

If you have a picky family member, I hate to say it but they probably won’t like this. Both the kids hated it. (I was actually surprised!) EverSoLightly loved it though!!


theREALchef 5

Coconut Chicken with Apricot sauce

This dish is uh-ma-zing. I made it for 7 and only 1 didn’t like it, and he’s 9 and super picky! I saw this recipe on my FAVORITE food blog, Pennies on a Plater. I adjusted it a bit (for example, I made it for 7, not 4.) As usual her recipe’s did NOT let us down. I’m sad to say I didn’t get any photos of this dish, but feel free to search for the photo on her site.

I’ve never had a love for coconut. That being said I never hated it, I’m just…neutral. This chicken dish made me fall in love with coconut! Be ready to eat more than you thought, and want to make it again asap.

I’m giving you the recipe’s for MY version, feel free to go to Pennies on a Plater for hers!

2 eggs
1/2 a bag (ours was 14 oz, so 7 oz should work) sweetened coconut flakes (Safeway brand are like $2.00
1 cup flour
1/4 teaspoon garlic powder (I used VERY little garlic powder, because the kids are not fans of garlic)
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/4 teaspoon black pepper
8 boneless chicken breasts
1 cup unsalted butter, melted
1 Jar apricot preserves (Safeway has them for cheap!)
Dijon mustard

First things first. Pre-heat your oven to 400° F

Next, get out your Large casserole dish, and set it aside. (I rubbed some butter on the bottom, to help prevent the coconut chicken from sticking.)

Lightly beat your two eggs in a bowl (must be big enough to hold your chicken breast one at a time!) Set aside.

Next, mix the coconut, flour, garlic powder, salt and pepper in a bowl.

Take your first chicken breast, coat it in the egg, then roll it in the coconut mixture, then place in your casserole dish. Do this with all 8 chicken breasts.

Once all your chicken is lined up, drizzle the melted butter over each of the chicken breasts evenly.

Once your oven is pre-heated place your casserole dish in the oven and cook for 20 minutes (or until chicken is done, check with your meat thermometer, should be 165 or higher.)

While your chicken is in the oven, start some rice (we have a rice cooker, but you can do it on your stove top too!) Once your rice is cooking, you can start making your sauce!

Mix together your apricot preserves, and dijon mustard (I used one small safeway jar of preserves and 1/3 a squeezable container of safeway dijon mustard.) Place bowl in fridge to chill.

Serve over rice, with a side of Broccoli or the vegetable of your choice and a helping of the delicious Apricot sauce you made 🙂