Challenge 1

The first recipe I tackled has made it around pinterest without any blog or credit. It’s just the photo below and the directions.

The directions call for 4-6 raw chicken breasts, a green veggie a packet of Italian dressing mix and a stick of melted butter. Cook at 350 for 1hour

I only used 2 chicken breasts, FRESH, not canned, green beans, russet potatoes, the Italian dressing and a stick of melted butter. I cooked at 375 for 1 hour.

DO NOT use a full stick of butter. Even with 6 chicken breasts this is far too much butter. I suggest using 1/2 a stick for 6 chicken breasts and less for 2-4 breasts. Overall, I’d say this recipe was delicious, and easy! I’d suggest it to anyone looking for an easy tasty dinner!