Don’t sleep yet Harry, he’s gonna kill you LOOK OUT!

Anger is one of those emotions that gets the better of me from time to time. Whether I’m dealing with someone acting immature or just someone not putting something back. I don’t really know where it comes from (probably my dad’s side) but there are moments where I just don’t feel like holding it in.

There are so many stupid people in the world, and so many teenagers who think they deserve to be treated as an adult and they really don’t. Sometimes I just need to vent. People can’t handle the reality of situations, especially when more than one person is angry, so a LOT of the time I’m forced to keep my mouth shut, and I’m erupting with frustration at the world right now.

Things that have angered me in the past week (If you think you’re on this list, sucks.):

“Oh yeah everyone has to ask me if they want to actually do anything official.”
My thoughts? Who the hell over the age of 10 would brag about that? STFU no one asked, and oh right I googled that shit and you’re a liar.

{written} “Blame the Jews”
Don’t go insulting anyone else in my household if you don’t live here or pay rent. GROW THE FUCK UP. You aren’t cool because you wrote that on my Calendar.

I walked into the kitchen, opened a drawer to put something away, and cut myself on a knife. why? because someone couldn’t take the 30 seconds to put it away in the right place. When I went to pull my hand out of the drawer what did I find? A towel when I grabbed it out of the drawer what happened? measuring spoons went flying everywhere.  What else flew out? a knife. AGAIN.
If you’re going to empty the dishwasher take the time to do it correctly. Of course after battling with all the knives and measuring spoons I forgot what I went in there for, and well now that I’m cozy on the couch I realize I didn’t make coffee. wtf. whatever.

Person 1: “You can’t have that I want it.”
Person 2: “Fine, but you can’t sell it.”
Person 1: “Why? You’re never going to play it.”
Person 2: “Yeah I would. You wouldn’t let me take it.”
Person 1: “Because its OURS not YOURS”
Person 2: “Exactly and you’re just going to sell it”
Person 1: “Because you never use it!”
Person 2: “Whatever just take it”
Person 1: “No I don’t want your help. I’m trying to sell some things and make money so I can move out and not be a loser like you”
First of all, let me state that this conversation has been diluted because there was a LOT of bull that was stated in this conversation by person 1 that I don’t fell the need to go into. Secondly, I have to say that this person is 18 and makes plenty of stupid decisions that person 2 would have never made. At 18 they think they know everything and all they know is that they have a “shitty” life. HA just wait. Next I’d like to say what pisses me off even more is that after this fit was thrown, person 1 was babied and loved the rest of the day, while person number 2 had to pretend like their own family hadn’t just treated them like shit.

I also hate it when people come into our home and act as if they can do whatever the hell they want. Just because you somehow got invited in does NOT make it your home. You are not welcome to help yourself to anything you want, shit, as roommates we even ask each other, and you’re not even guaranteed to get a “yes” if you ask, so don’t just go helping yourself to whatever the hell you want. Chances are, next time I’ll ask you to leave, and remind you you aren’t welcome back.

Yes. Archie is a member of my household. NO you may not take him out without asking me or EverSoLightly
This goes back to the whole “this is our home, and you can’t do whatever the hell you want in it without asking us first”

Dear IDIOT DRIVER in Seattle that pulled a U-turn on a RED light, and almost caused me, and 2 other cars to hit you: YOU SHOULD NOT HAVE A LICENSE. GO HOME AND RIDE THE BUS NEXT TIME.

The people who “know everything” and feel the need to tell everyone else how to live their lives irritate me to no end.

Lets say I walked into Starbucks one day, and ran into random person I once knew A

A: “How are you?!”
KK: “good. you?”
A: “Great!! Just (insert boring banter here)”
Loooooong pause as I franticly start heading for the door with my drink while waving and nodding goodbye
A: “So where are you working? Where are you living? How much rent do you pay? What’s your social security number and will you name your first child after me?”

OMG HOLY EFF. Are you kidding me?! If I wanted you to know that information I would have told it to you!