The Melting Pot Bellevue.

A while back (really, months ago…) someone gave Mitchell a gift certificate to the Melting Pot. The other day, it was just too IMG_9557hot to cook in our apartment… so we decided to make reservations, and walk to the restaurant and put that certificate to use.

We got there, and ordered some drinks. After looking over their somewhat confusing menu, We decided that since the meal we wanted as 4 courses with 3 different entrees for the main course, we’d just share one portion…rather than 2.

First course: Cheese Fondue. Waiter alerts us that, free of charge, he’s giving us double the amount of cheese because “one portion is just never enough!” Sweet, we thank him over and over again. Enjoyed our cheese fondue.

IMG_9560Second course, salad. Nothing special there, it was good though!

Third course, the main course. We were suppose to get three SMALL portions. One of chicken, one salmon and one ravaioli. The waiter comes over and says “there was a mixup in the kitchen, and you get three full portions.” Yes. You read that right, THREE FULL SIZED entrees. Meaning enough food for 3 people, at least.

IMG_9573Fourth course, dessert. We decide we’d really like the bananas foster, but neither of us like white chocolate. Waiter says “Oh well how about I make it for you, but using a different chocolate?” Stunned we said “Can you do that?” “I will…” hahaha so we had delicious bananas foster with dark chocolate. It was amazing!

Then, the bus-boy was cleaning our table, and boxed up all our food and gave us all the sauces. It was seriously the best service we have ever experienced.