Goodbyes REALLY stink!


Look at that face. That precious beautiful flawless innocent face. How can you NOT fall in love with her simply from this photo?

Today I had to say goodbye to her and her mamma for two weeks. Last Friday I had to say goodbye to her two brothers and dad on Friday. I’m grateful I had two days just me and Little Miss, but I’m going to miss them SOOO MUCH!!

I’m sad because I know in the two weeks she’s gone she’ll grow 10 feet and it’ll seem like she’s aged 10 years! I bought her two Disney Princess Placemats for her birthday, AND a customized Sing Along with Elmo CD. (Her birthday isn’t for another couple of weeks, but I cannot believe she’s almost 2!!!)



WIDLM (Friday) Goodbyes

This past weekend we went to Oregon to celebrate my nephew’s birthday. Upon my arrival my mom calmly and with no real emotion says “I made KC an appointment for Friday.”

For anyone out of the loop, or someone who just doesn’t know me that well. KC is my cat. (K = Katie’s C= Cat.) She was a gift for me when I was 8, I remember going to the tiny little pet store and picking her out, she nuzzled her little kitten nose into my neck and purred. My mom wanted some sad pathetic looking orange tabby, but I had to have the sweet little black and white kitten. It was seriously love at first site. She was and always will be my best friend. We went everywhere together, no matter where I was, if i hollered “KC!” she’d come running. She sat on the side of the bath tub and bat around at the toys.

A few silly memories: One time my mom made me chicken noodle soup for lunch/dinner and I didn’t finish it all so I poured it into the sink. We went to do something, don’t remember what, and came home to KC pulling her head out of the kitchen sink with a noodle sticking out of her mouth.

Another time not far from the first my mom left our pot of chili on the stove to come get me for dinner…when we came into the kitchen, there was KC eating our chili fresh off the stove. Such a silly cat.

Every time we went out of town she’d knock all of my moms decorations off of shelves, counters and other places. She NEVER trashed my stuff, just mom’s. 🙂

A couple weeks ago my mom casually mentioned KC had a tumor. She said it wasn’t that big and that she’d watch it. Between that phone call and last weekend she hadn’t said much about KC. It took a couple hours for it to hit me. When I confronted my mom about it, she said KC had stopped eating and going potty. The appointment was not just a regular check up.

Today, we had to let go of a long time friend. We’ll never hear her purr, her sweet meow, and I’ll never be able to bury my face into her silky fur and remember the days when we were younger. We grew up together, and though I know she was 17 years old, and she wasn’t well, I was never fully prepared to say goodbye.

This goodbye wasn’t the same type of goodbye as when Ellee had to leave us, but it wasn’t easy either.

Goodbye KC Cat, you were the first and only cat Lou liked, and you were a great pal. I’ll never forget you and your strange love of drinking water out of the bath tub.