My mamma is probably really proud of me…

As a child mom did her best to make sure I knew a wide variety of things. We’ve made just about every art/craft imaginable cooked a never ending list of foods and breads and I’ve been taught how to sew a wide variety of items.

As a kid I didn’t have much interest, I wanted to go play with friends or didn’t want to take the time and patience to make things.

BUT NOW! I’ve become a sewing machine! I just need an actual sewing machine to sew all the things I want! Here are some photos of SOME of the things I’ve made (mostly pillows, but even a few animals!!


I also made a few other things, but they were gifts/favors so I don’t have them with me to take photos. I’m currently working on making an owl to match my owl blanket, slippers, Ferndale (Pluto’s owl) owl pillow and all my other fantastic owl stuff :). I love owls, did you guess that? haha.

Oh here are a few pillows I made for others (Owls + pink = Little Miss, blue + brown = my mom)