Weight loss, it’s not easy!


My last visit to the Dr. She mentioned I was “overweight” for my hight and body size. Now for anyone who reads my blog on a semi-regular basis, will probably know, it’s no secret I’m short. VERY short. 4’11”. So when I tell you I’m overweight, most people laugh at me and say “No, there is NO way thats true.” I want you to sit back and think about you, your height, and the “healthy” weight for your structure. Now take that, and downsize it to someone who is short. My petite frame can only handle so much. TMI part for any males, or females who don’t like to talk about personal stuff, I’m warning you all now :).

At my heaviest I’ve ever weighed, was 122lbs. But 122lbs on a petite 4’11 frame is hard on my knees, and other joints. My back kills me. “But where does she keep all that weight?” of course I have a little bit of a tummy, but most of my weight is in my chest.

In 4 years I went from a 32b, to a 34DD bra size. I am not even kidding you in the slightest. I wish I were. So what now? I’m working my little booty. Trying to lose the weight, though supposedly, your chest area is one of those that it’s rare to lose weight from…but I’m not going to give up just because of some small fact. I started running daily with Baby Sarah (She loves to sit in the stroller while I jog, somehow I lucked out there, because Drew haaaated it! Now that it’s summer I’ve started some other work out routines and have been eating healthier…or at least trying. Lets face it though, I’m still pretty lucky, 25 years old and can pretty much eat whatever I want, as long as I’m active my weight doesn’t fluctuate that much. Of course I’m not as lucky as @EverSoLightly or his younger sister, they’re Hollywood’s perfect weight, but I can’t really complain :D.

So, this is sorta an update, also a “hey guess what I’m going to be healthier!” post.  Are you trying to be healthier too? let me know! We can work together at reaching our personal goals!



WIDLM: Women.

Alright so before anyone looks for drama where there isn’t any…I only hate women that judge others. It’s not ALWAYS women that judge but in this situation it usually is. As most of you know (all 48 of my weekly WIDLM visitors…lol and yes, its a regular 48 visits only to my WIDLM posts…) As I was saying…Most of you know that I’m a full time nanny for a family with 3 children. I’m 24 years old and the kids are 9, 4 and 1. Anytime I take the kids out I get all sorts of nasty and judgmental looks from women. One lady even had the nerve to say something OUT LOUD to her husband about how “Teens shouldn’t be allowed to keep their children.”

There are several reasons why women like her make me very upset. Nevermind the fact that the children aren’t even mine. Lets start with the obvious facts she has.

1) I’m only 4’11 and I’m well aware that most of the time I do NOT look 24. Drew is 4 (Kieran was at school) and Sarah is 1, but I could understand someone thinking she might be younger, but not by much, and she certainly does not look older.

2) Both kids are VERY well dressed, they’re healthy, wearing clean, and good condition clothes and shoes, both are healthy with cute little rosy cheeks. BLONDE hair and blue eyes. Both  kids are happy and very well behaved.

3) I take care of their needs, I talk to them, play with them don’t buy them junk food, both children were buckled into the cart. I even bought Drew a slinky!

4) At this rate even if they WERE my kids, I’m clearly not some dead beat mom like she was implying. EVEN SO I would have been 20 when Drew was born…and EVEN IF I were a teen mom, it’s NONE of her business, and the kids are taken care of.

Anytime I take the kids out theres always so many judgmental looks and comments, about being a young parent. Typically I blow them off, on occasion if I’m in a really really really good mood I’ll smile and say “I’m the nanny” but when they look relieved and pat me on the back and say “good for you” it kind of frustrates me.  What is it that makes them think they have the right to judge, or get into other peoples business. Why do they make the immediate judgement that I’m irresponsible and can’t handle children. That I’m some awful mom. I know SO MANY parents who were young when they had kids. My mom was still a teenager when she had my brother — she did a wonderful job as a mom. I’m sure everyone knows at least one person who is/was a young parent and did a wonderful job!

If you’re one of those judgmental people, please stop, THINK and assess the situation before you’re judging someone. Don’t make rude comments to their face OR behind their back, thats just rude and makes me question whether or not YOU should ever be allowed to have children, you may pass the judgmental gene to them 😦


Boring title.

I don’t have anything exciting to report today, dear world wide web. I went to bed last Wednesday night feeling wonderful, and woke up the next morning feeling like death. I didn’t even survive 2 hours at work. I came home, and went right to bed. Woke up the next morning feeling even WORSE. With a fever and a new terrible cough. My boss convinced me to go into Urgent care. I went in…and waited…and waited…and waited some more…all the while feeling like I was dying, with an awful migrane, an awful achy body and just all over awful. An hour and a half later they call me in, take my temp (101.2) and get some information from me…MORE waiting…and 45 minutes later I saw a nurse followed by one of the doctors. She decided it was too risky and I needed to be x-rayed for Pneumonia.

An hour later I walked out with a prescription to help take care of my pneumonia. Of course turns out that particular medicine didn’t agree with my body…here I am 5 days later on a new prescription, finally fever-less and hoping to be back on my feet at least for a couple hours tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed for me!